Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Light 2019 – Buyer Guide

Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Light
Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Light

Have you ever thought about using outdoor motion sensor light to stop trespasser in their tracks? Using a Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Light depending upon the brands you choose. There may be a variety of enticing range of outdoor motion sensor with a bright light that can blind an intruder.

Nowadays, motion-sensing lights are cheap and have options to leave a light outside of your house. Whereas many choose to install multiple automatic activated motions sensing light to prevent break-ins.

Installing motion-activated lights in around will prevent intruder presence and that can scare them off. With more than 100’s of outdoor motion sensor light on the market, it’s essential to know the one that fits right on your needs and budget. We have defiled the best outdoor motion sensor light in our product sections which include motion-activated lights that offer unique advantages and help you to decide which one will work best for your property.

How do Best Outdoor motion sensors work?

A motion sensor is the greatest asset of your security system due to its heavy use all over the globe it has become one of the bestselling apparatus in your home. A motion sensor comes with multiple technologies that offer brilliant detection of movement in an area. If the sensor is faltered the light floods all over the surrounding area lighting the path.

Type of Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

There may be different types of motion sensor light available today in the market. But we tried to stumble upon those used and sold heavily on the web.

Passive Infrared

It can detect the body heat using the infrared which can be seen and used in the home security system. They can be kept outside as well used indoor that armed with motion sensors activated. Once the sensors warm-up it can detect the heat and protect the area using a ‘grid’. Anything moving upon it will be tripped and an alarm will be roused.


It sends out microwaves pulses to determine the reflection of a moving object. Microwaves sensors cover a larger area than infrared but are vulnerable to electrical interference and tend to have more price than value.

Dual technology motion sensors

Motion sensors have lots of features that can work in the realm of reducing false alarms. With PIR sensors combined with dual technology operates in the various spectrum. Using dual technology results in having one passive and another action for monitoring.

Area reflective type

It emits the infrared rays coming out from an LED. It basically sensors the distance obtained from the person standing at a distant place and quickly measure the area on which its put to surveillance.


With ultrasonic pulses that create similar technology used in sonar. The sound that is not audible by a human ear is thrown off at a distant place and measures the reflection of moving as well a standstill object nearby.


Most probably the vibration that is caused while walking, running gets captured and gets activated by a switch alarm when it vibrates.

How should We Place an Outdoor Motion Light Sensor?

When you start installing the outdoor motion sensor light make sure you read all the installation set came with the product. In certain instances, outdoor motion sensor light may raise false alarms. They are caused due to electrical failure, user error, poor application engineering, power surges, and lightning.

However, we’ll guide you on how to use and increase the effectiveness of your motion sensor lights to prevent false alarms. Ensure that you keep the outdoor motion light sensor light placement tips:

  • Keep PIR sensors 10-15 feet away from the heating vents where the sunlight shines in, and radiators.
  • Placing the motion sensor in choke points where people mainly walkthrough is not a good choice. Try to trip them in a way where an intruder can enter the premises.
  • Keep sensors parallel to where an intruder can walkthrough. Find a suitable place similar to exterior walls along paths not directed towards them. Most buglers try to enter the house through the front or back door. So, it’s advisable to perimeter the area for effective sensing.  
  • Installing the best outdoor motion sensor light is not always effective. Choosing the right sensor light will let you figure your exact needs.

Outdoor Motion Sensor Light Buying Guide

To find the best outdoor motion sensor light that offers great deterrents for trespassers and thieves. Mostly they attack homes with having no or fewer light on-premises so that they don’t get caught. With that said having installed a motion sensor light in your property, is designed to alert you of an intruder’s presence to scare them away.

To help you choose the best outdoor motion sensor light we have prepared a buying guide for you. In case you don’t know much about them you can read at your leisure and come out knowing things well before you head to purchase any one of them.

  • Sometimes people tend to buy cheap outdoor motion sensor light which later struggles to ensure home and business safety.
  • To make things in a proper way make sure to protect the entire premises and taking extra measure by locking the doors.
  • Outdoor motion sensor lights are simple, easy and affordable as well. Taking proper steps before buying the one you need can enhance home security as well.
  • With numerous brands out in the market, it’s practically impossible to find the best outdoor motion sensor light. To help you out we direct the special buying guide we that helps you to know the critical factors when buying the motion sensor lights.

NOTE: Outdoor motion sensor light is offered with proper illumination for front doors, driveways or the pavement to stop outside your apartment by deterring would-be intruders. An outdoor motion sensing security comes with high and versatile security lights. They are best to use at homes to stop a burglary.

As we have discussed earlier the buying guide. An outdoor motion sensor light should be picked using the following mind in mind. Choosing the best outdoor motion sensor light requires specific needs and consideration that must be evaluated such as:-


The brightness will determine how much illumination you need in your property. Lumens are such a way to measure this feature. In this post, you’ll come across several outdoor motion sensor light that is measured by wattage. A minimum of 300 watts is a good choice. However, for a safety light, you can even pick 150watt. Here note a lesser wattage will also drop the price of the equipment drastically and vice-versa.

Remember the higher the lumens, the stronger it becomes. There are possibilities where you end up buying some sensor light that provides a lower level of brightness.

If you’re buying the sensor light to use in high traffic areas such as driveways, walkways and the backyard then it will be useful to pick one that produces more lumens.


The range allows you to measure the size of the zone it can create. You might not need a large zone always which typically comes at a higher price. Motion sensors that have larger range protection are more prone to false alarms as well.

Detection area

A detection zone is defiantly the measurement of the degree of protection an outdoor motion sensor light can provide. Mostly using a 180-degree zone is the best choice for protection to prevent intruders from entering the house.


Installing is not clumsy at all. Most outdoor motion sensor lights can be installed in a few minutes using common tools. A screwdriver and a driller are just what you need. In cases, you might need to have silicone caulk to increase the weather resistance of the light. A few may need to use special tools and that would require a separate purchase.

What are the prices of the Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights?

Outdoor motion sensor light is quite affordable and a great addition to home security. Always know if you need to cover a specific area limited with space, choose the entry-level outdoor motion sensor light that is priced at less than $100 or so.

If you require an outdoor motion sensor light to lighten the entire yard with bright illumination then, it would be good to pick one that priced at $150-$250 or so.

However, the commercial-quality best outdoor motion sensor light can cost more than $1000 which is typically used for rural properties with land to protect.

An average homeowner would usually have the option to choose different outdoor motion sensor lights to fit their need in $150 or less.

This guide will definitely help you to understand the outdoor motion sensor light and the options available to make your life much easier. While installing these lights are vary from one another so, as the process. You can install them by on your own with the right tools. If not, then you can hire a professional electrician to install the lights.

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Top 5 Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Light

Motion sensor lights are just like normal bulbs with advanced motion technology sensing capabilities that will turn on if the sensor detects the movements within the range. There is 5 best outdoor motion sensor light that we are more interested in reviewing them one by one and let you know the advantages over each other.

These motion sensor light are easy to install and comes at an attractive price bracket. Some models may have LED light used. Installing them on pavement, driveway, basement or outdoor at the backside of the house, these are great to banish all worries from your mind.

Not all outdoor motion sensor light is the same. That’s why we picked a few that are currently ushering heavily on the market at a great price.

RAB Lighting STL360H Super Stealth 360 Sensor with Twin Precision

RAB Lighting STL360H Super Stealth
RAB Lighting STL360H Super Stealth

RAB manufactures top-quality super quality sensor lights. The company was founded in 1946. With unique in design and quality of lightings it experienced a fiery demand that made RAB come out with several new models. On top of the RAB made it quite affordable for buyers to pick the best product out for all their countless options.

RAB Lighting STL360H Super Stealth 360 is a bullet-shaped floodlight uses a high powered lamp. It accepts the 120V input power and has a grey cast aluminum housing is a lightweight and corrosion resistance. The sensor has a 360 degree of absolute detection and 180-degree view detection with outward or full coverage. You can adjust the delay that ranges from 5 seconds to 12 minutes. Having LED light is an advantage, it has 3 LED lights that go for continuous scanning and offer up to 6,000V with protected with manual override and reset option in it. It feels really easy on hand thanks to a radio frequency that is shielded maximum radio frequency immunity and can be wired using low parallel with other sets. The floodlights can be made used in commercial, industrial or as a residential lighting solution.

Why do we like RAB Lighting STL360H Super Stealth 360?

  • It senses 180 degrees and scans 360 degrees down for complete detection
  • It adjustable wide sensitivity and control it can come down to 30% out of 100%
  • It is auto adjustable insensitivity and does not require manually adjustable however an option is still available if you’re not satisfied with automated adjustment.
  • The power rating is acceptable and convenient for any region
  • The circuits are fully shielded to minimize the radio frequency effects.

Our recommendation

With photoelectric control that disables it during the daylight. The sensor present in the lights is 24-hours operational guarded with the fully shielded circuit. RAB has one of the best warranties which actually stand by the product. However, if you need something low in the budget you can trigger the action to buy them now.

Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Light 2019 – Buyer Guide 1

Solar Motion Sensor Security Wall Lights, T-SUNRISE Wireless Motion Detected Light for Outdoor Gate, Door, Driveway, Garden, Patio, Yard

Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Light 2019 – Buyer Guide 2

Solar motion sensor lights are in trend these days with the automated switch can get you up to 12 hours of continuous lighting with a single charge. With LED Sensor lights that cover a minimum distance of 3-5 meters and an option to tilt 120-degree sensing angle. It can be sort of weatherproof. It takes a massive time to get charged so, you have got 6-8 hours before you use them on the front doors. The installation is pretty easy with no unnecessary wiring required. As it takes up sun’s heat to harness the energy it can beautifully construct itself at night.

The Solar motion sensor lights are one of the best outdoor motion sensor light that are great for outdoor, garden, yard and porch or driveways. When a motion is detected it provides a max brightness for perfect illumination on your way making everything visible even in dense fog all night.

You would require to choose a perfect place where sunlight gets received fully. Make two holes and screw the hole on the wall and you’re good to go.

Why do we like Solar Motion Sensor Security Wall Lights?

  • It consumes less power to operate only 3.5W is enough
  • The brightness is more or less strong to identify any passing intruder
  • There are 20 LED bulbs with the Luminous efficiency of 90lm/W
  • The product is compliant with waterproof IP65
  • The material used is good quality with ABS it’s even more sturdy looking
  • It takes around 6-8 hours of charging time also it depends upon the place where sunlight receives in fully.

Our recommendations

With less than $150 they are astonishing outdoor motion sensor lights. The quality of the product is good enough and will last for years. The product itself sells a lot because of the features and the price in which is sold. However, they are good for homes with less space and can easily guard the front or back of your house.

Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Light 2019 – Buyer Guide 3

Mr. Beams MBN356 Networked LED Wireless Motion Sensing Spotlight System with NetBright Technology, 200-Lumens, Brown, 6-Pack

Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Light 2019 – Buyer Guide 4

Mr. Beans Net Bright spotlights feature a patented technology that permits the use of lights to communicate with each other. This creates a wireless network that surrounds your home with battery-powered LED outdoor spotlights that get installed in a matter of a few minutes. The security light offers a bright 200 lumens output with separate four zones.

These lights are up and running at a very affordable cost on Amazon which is used as the best outdoor motion sensor light adding 50 lights in row protecting 150 feet across the lane. This is a motion-activated which can detect an intruder from 30 feet away. It activates the spotlight as long as there’s motion and would turn off again after the motion stops to save the battery life.

Do we like Mr. Beams MBN356?

This is indeed a great device that allows lights to come on the side as well from back and sirens when sees activity. We have used this on front entrance and walkway. The lights are super bright and this certainly adds value to the product. The networking even great with the device.

Even after using it as an outdoor unit for months. We can’t see rust anywhere, batteries were fine and batteries didn’t die after kept for continuous monitoring.

Our recommendations

We highly recommend this device, it’s easy to operate have installed it within 6 minutes. It claims of about a year’s battery life it assumes that the battery didn’t need any replacement. This is preferred to be a home unit but has some issues over heavy rains. But it is suitable to mount the motion sensor light under a shade so that it does not hit the rain directly.

Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Light 2019 – Buyer Guide 1

Arlo Smart Home Security Light. Wireless, Weather Resistant, Motion Sensor, Indoor/Outdoor, Multi-colored LED, Works with Amazon Alexa | 1 Light Kit, camera not included (ALS1101)

Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Light 2019 – Buyer Guide 6

Arlo has started manufacturing its security light which is designed to offer a great dimension of protection to your home. Although its battery operated outdoor motion sensor light that has motion detection as well as motion control. It also flashes a series of flash and cycles through colors when motion is detected this gives an intruder a disco-flavored warning that they’ve spotted. Though the illumination at night time is pretty good with superb image quality and inbound features will take everyone’s heart.

If that wasn’t enough Arlo outdoor motion sensor light works brilliantly with Alexa so that you can turn your beam on, off using voice instructions. The product is neatly priced under $140 in a true Arlo style you can pick up 1- 3 Light kit that will add more security to your home.

What do we like in Arlo Outdoor Motion Sensor Light?

They are one of the best outdoor motion sensor light with superb image quality and feature set and awesome night vision quality. Using the device with Alexa is an additional step made by Arlo to turn different functions on/off though. And the ability to change the lights according to mood is also a great addition to it.

Our recommendation

The Arlo smart Outdoor motion sensor light produces respectable levels of light to areas which were missing previously in Arlo products. The motion sensor on light can be set up using the camera and vice-versa. It can also be used with rechargeable batteries from Arlo Pro and Pro 2 cameras. It has multiple color options and users find it easier to coordinate with the Arlo cameras by using Voice assistant feature.

Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Light 2019 – Buyer Guide 1



PR511 is a typical outdoor motion sensor light having loads of features in it. Such as its motion-activated, darkness activated outdoor flashlight can progressively control up to X-10 modules with the motion sensor at the same time including the Dusk sensor.

The device looks rock solid and as acts as a complete computer-controlled solution to security issues. This is a formidable home defense system that eliminated darkness with 2 big powered bulbs installed in it. These security lights may look a way to go for modern word outdoor illumination but it pretty much does the job.

It can eliminate all the darkness by using a 90 Watt LED bulb. The motion sensor is correctly sealed for all-weather in types. The product looks superior and better-made product which combines a motion detector beneath. Anyone can configure the light and the sensitivity as well as the timeout to set up 4 devices to send a notification from dusk/dawn.

What do we like in PR511Outdoor Motion Sensor Light?

It works better than the other outdoor motion sensor light. One can easily turn the lights on/off in a tap of a button. X-10 technology us one of the best when choosing a motion sensor light for the home. It sends signals over your house to control various devices such as this floodlights. It comes with the control unit and as usual 24×7 tech support in case you can’t figure out how to use the device.

The starter kit helps a lot and adds all the informative material needed for setup. It’s a clear and remote operation makes it pleasing to use the device as the device can be considered one of the best outdoor motion sensor light.

Our recommendations

X10 Motion detector floodlight can detect motion when it became dark. The sensor also goes off when any motion is not detected within a 40-foot range. It requires 150-watt incandescent, fluorescent that adjust x10 motion detector setting with time delay and sensitivity according to needs that fits you. When turned in manually, the floodlights can stay on that temporarily disabled until a transmitter hit the photocells that prevent operation during the daylight hours and gets on as soon the ambient light drops in.

Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Light 2019 – Buyer Guide 3


best outdoor motion sensor light can improve the surveillance of your property. With added security, it calls off any trespassers using these home security devices. Choose the best outdoor motion sensor light that can appeal to you the most. With things that you won’t have to worry about prowling out in the dark no more. They are easy to install and look fantastic at home.