Easy Stomach Exercises to do at Home – 9 Easy Exercises Here

9 Easy Stomach Exercises to do at Home
Easy Stomach Exercises

Get Easy Stomach Exercises to do at Home

Must you be finding it difficult to fit yourself in your summer apparels? Stomach and belly fat is giving you sleepless nights? But no time for Gyming! Now planning to start regular exercises at home to cut down your stomach and belly fat to fit in your regular wears? That probably the best step you have to take to start working out at home.

Stomach fat is very harmful to our body as so many health related problems are associated with the excess fat and can affect long-term health if not curbed on time. You need to change your lifestyle, eating habits to reduce your body fat. Yes, it will take time but you need full dedication to reduce your body fat.

Easy Stomach Exercises to do at Home - 9 Easy Exercises Here 1
Stomach Exercises to do at Home

Here are a few Easy Stomach Exercises to do at Home –

Complement it with Dieting

It is a fact that dieting and exercise complement each other and goes hand in hand. On the one side you are working out and on the other, you have an improper diet, eating junk food then there is no use for exercising. Now if you say that only dieting will reduce your body fat then you are wrong as this will make your body week. So in order to reduce stomach and belly fat, you need to add almost an hour of exercising plan into your lifestyle.

Some very simple and effective exercises

When we talk about easy and effective stomach exercises to cut fat at home, you don’t need latest machines and tools to do exercises at home. You just need a space in your home to cut down your body fat. Even the simplest abs exercises are not planning to assist you to accomplish those specific goals all on their own. You need to work hard and it is always suggested that work out less but perform exercises well.

Easy Stomach Exercises to do at Home! – What Next?

9 Easy Stomach Exercises to do at Home:

  1. Crunches
  2. Twist Crunches
  3. Reverse Crunch
  4. Abdominal Hold
  5. Opposite Arm & Raise leg
  6. Lunge twist
  7. Plank Exercise
  8.  Cycle Exercise
  9. Squats

You must be wondering how to perform these exercises? Now let’s get started with the exercises:

  1. Crunches- It is one of the most effective exercises to burn belly and stomach fat. let’s see how to do this exercise

– Lie down flat on a mat along with your knees bent and feet on the bottom. Also, you can carry your legs off the ground at a 90-degree angle.

– Lift your hands and place them behind your head, or keep them crossed on your chest.

– Inhale deeply, and as you carry your higher body off the ground, exhale.

– Inhale once more as you revisit down, and exhale as you return up.

– Recommended to perform this exercise 10 times for beginners and repeat this set three times.

  1. Twist Crunches- It is an extension of normal crunches. But for twist crunches firstly, be used to the regular or normal crunches.

How to do this Exercise?

– Just lie down on the floor and keep your hands behind your head.

– Bend your knees and keep your foot on the floor.

– Lift your right shoulder towards your left knee and vice-versa.

– Repeat this exercise 10 times and at least three sets

  1. Reverse Crunch- Now time for Reverse crunches? It is also very effective in reducing belly fat.

This exercise is performed just like twist crunches but in this, you need to tilt your legs simultaneously with your shoulders.  Keep your back straight during this course of exercise.

  1. Abdominal Hold- It is one of the most effective exercises for making Abs.

How to do?

– Sit tall on the sting of a durable chair and place your hands on the sting together with your fingers inform toward your knees.

– Tighten your abs and convey your toes and raise your butt off the chair.

– For at least 10 seconds hold this position.

  1. Opposite Arm and leg raise- This is best warm up work out and makes you feel longer and balanced.

How to do?

– Arrange your knees just under your butt and place wrist right under your shoulder.

– Now Raise your left arm right to shoulder height and left leg to hip height.

– Hold for at least few seconds, keeping your head straight.

– Repeat this exercise on the opposite side and try three continuous sets.

  1. Lunge Twist- For any beginner Lunge twist will help faster to reduce belly fat.

How to do this?

– Stand along with your legs hip breadth apart and Keep the knees slightly bent.

– Lift each your hands before of you and position them along with your shoulders,  keeping them parallel to the bottom.

– Make a  90-degree angle between your knees with the ground. The left leg ought to be positioned backward, with the help of toes.

– Keep the back straight and never bend your spine forward. It can cause injury to your spine.

– Now start twisting your body part to the right and then to the left. Repeat this exercise at least twenty times.

  1. Plank Exercise- This exercise seems very simple but it requires a lot of physical strength. This exercise reduces fat around your lower back, abdomen.

How to do Plank Exercise?

– Posture yourself on the floor with your knees and elbows relaxing on the ground.

– Keep your spine and head straight.

– Lift the knees in the air and support your legs on the toes.

– Tighten your knees and you will feel heavy in your stomach.

  1. Cycle Exercise-

– Relax on the floor and keep your hands behind your head.

– Lift both your legs off the ground and twist them at the knees.

– Convey your left knee close to your chest fending off your right leg.  Do same with your right knee.

  1. Squats- If you have any spine related problem then try to avoid this exercise as it includes excessive use of Spine. Firstly test and then do it daily. This exercise is for Lower back, Stomach, and thighs.

More Steps to do Easy Stomach Exercises to do at Home?

– Stand with your feet bear width separated and expand your arms to your shoulder level.

– Start your exercise, bowing your knees 90 degrees and keeping your spine straight.

– Gently come up and repeat this posture again.

– Just keep your complete body weight on your foot sole area.

– Keep knees looking ahead and you have to move your chest and shoulders side to side.

Now, these are the best collection for working out at home to reduce your complete body fat. We have provided you with the best techniques but it totally depends upon you how you adapt to these changes in your lifestyle and make these exercises part of your life.

It will take time to reduce fat and surely you will reduce your fat at home if you follow these techniques. Hopefully, you liked this Easy Stomach Exercises to do at Home article. Share and Comment your thoughts below.