What are the different types of Plexiglass?

Plexiglass is exceptionally common in construction and owners to prefer its versatile and creative uses over the traditional glass and other things. When it comes to deciding the right plastic sheeting solid for your project, it is key to identify one’s needs and know which kind of sheeting will be more useful plexiglass or polycarbonate. 

Major Types of Plexiglass 

Image by Rene Schue from Pixabay

Cell Cast Acrylic Sheet

Cell cast acrylic plexiglass sheets are increasingly innovative and popular, and they are manufactured by melted liquid PMMA resin, which is poured between two plates of glass. This type of plexiglass does not allow sufficient expansion and contraction, which makes it less prone to breakage and shattering. 

It comes with the highest level of thickness tolerance, and if your project involves a great deal of cutting or routing, cell cast acrylic plexiglass sheet is your best option. Amongst all the other types of plexiglass sheets, it has the highest molecular weight, and it comes with the widest range of color availability, making it perfect for creative applications. 

This specific type of Plexi glass is widely used for high-quality fabrication, creating aquariums and signs. 

Continuous Cast Acrylic Sheets

A clear plastic sheet, continuous cast acrylic sheets are manufactured by discharging melted and liquefied PMMA resin in two belts made with polished stainless steel. This particular type of plexiglass sheet provides unparalleled consistency, and the least tolerance for expansion and contraction, which makes it super resistance to shattering and breakage. 

Continuous cast acrylic plexiglass sheet ranks 2nd in terms of thickness tolerance, and it comes available in the widest range of sizes in terms of length and width, If you seeking material for skylights, fabrication, and forming, it simply doesn’t get better than this. 

Extruded Acrylic Sheets

One of the most versatile types of plexiglass extruded acrylic plexiglass sheets are created by melting semi-soft resin, and crushing it between rollers. Then, it is cut out in different sizes and shapes. 

This particular type contains the highest level of internal stress, which allows expansion and contraction, ideal for replacement windows, displays and signage. It has a remarkable thickness tolerance, and amongst all the other types of plexiglass, this is the softness sheet that is also extremely easy to glue on. 

UV Filtering Acrylic Sheet

Are you seeking types of plexiglass sheets that are specifically designed to offer protection against the harmful UV and UVA rays of the sun? Look no further than the UV filtering acrylic sheets, which are designing to offer superior sun protection. 

Basically, UV filtering acrylic plexiglass sheet aids in preventing the transmissions of hazardous ultraviolet rays of the sun. This specialty plexiglass is manufactured to meet all kinds of special needs and requirements of picture frames, museums, artists, painters, and other individuals/organizations who seek to safeguard artwork and historic documents from degradation and fading triggered by the UV and UVA rays. 

Moreover, given the increasing risk factors due to exposure to the sun, homeowners with glass architecture also seek to protect themselves with UV filtering acrylic plexiglass sheets. 

UV Transmitting Acrylic Sheet

Much like the name implies, UV transmitting acrylic sheets are the exact opposite of UV resistant acrylic sheets, and these plexiglass sheets are manufactured to allow the UV-A and UV-B rays of the sun to escape through and be transmitted into the room. These types of plexiglass are highly useful for certain medical treatments and tanning centers. 

The UV transmitting acrylic glass is a clear plastic sheet made to allow the transmission of around 92% transmission of UV radiations, and it is durable enough to withstand constant heat, continue use and all kinds of breakage or shattering. This specialty plexiglass sheet is capable of providing the advantages of traditional plexiglass, including high-grade resistance, flexible fabrication, easy cutting, and versatile fitting. 

Museum Acrylic Sheet

If you are looking for ideal types of plexiglass to frame and display artwork, paintings and photos, you can always consider UV filtering acrylic plexiglass sheets, however, museums, galleries and other artwork organizations should consider the museum acrylic sheet for its versatility and wide advantages. 

The museum acrylic sheeting is specifically designed to safeguard the artwork, and prevent all kinds of oxidization. This specialty plexiglass sheet also prevents degradation of the artwork over a long period of time. Alongside its powerful UV filtering strengths, the museum acrylic sheet is also anti-reflective and shatter resistant. 

Frame Grade Acrylic

Ideal for framing applications and uses, frame grade acrylic is one of the best types of plexiglass designed for framing, photography, and artwork. Frame grade acrylic plexiglass sheets are designed with a camera-inspected procedure to make sure that the sheet is devoid of all imperfections and allow superior clarity, color palette, and material value. 

Anti-Static Plexiglass

Your plexiglass sheet will constantly require anti-static films and coatings to keep its shine and transparency intact, but if you want to eliminate these hassles, you can do so by investing in a more permanent solution: anti-static acrylic plexiglass sheet. An anti-static acrylic plexiglass sheet, technically referred to as an electrostatic dissipative acrylic, is specialized to prevent all kinds of damage due to weather hazards, electronics or humidity. Stay tuned to PRZ