Nitric Max Reviews

In this Nitric Max Review, I’m gonna give you exact information about the supplement, buying options, real user reviews based on web search results etc.

Nitric Max Muscle is showing positive results to many people who are involved in enhancing their body muscles. But there are some issues which are keeping people at bay from buying the product. The top one is that no medical proofs are attached to the product which proves that the product is safe. Our review here is true to the utmost extent. Please read carefully.

About The Company and Supplement

Nitric Lab is a supplement product by the Biotrim Lab Company. It makes supplement products. The company came into existence in 2014 in Dublin, Ireland. Since that time, it has expanded its presence by leaps and bounds. The company manufactures weight loss products, testosterone boosters etc.

What is Nitric Max?

Nitric Max Muscle is a natural work-out supplement. Its main work is to increase the amount of nitric oxide in a body. This enhances the work-out performance of a person. The product also works as a testosterone booster. Nitric Max is an ideal product for people seeking a product to provide power to their muscles maintaining the slim physique. Few products are available in the market which does not bulk-up the body while they promise to provide power to muscles.

List of Nitric Max Ingredients

The below-mentioned ingredients are the core ingredients of the products

  • A-AKG (Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate): Read some information about it here

  • A-KIC (Arginine Ketoisocaproate): Read some information about it here

  • OKG (Ornithine-Alpha-Ketoglutarate): Read some information about it here

  • GKG (Glutamine-Alpha-Ketoglutarate): Read some information about it here

How Does Nitric Max Work?

Nitric Max mainly provides metric oxide to the body. The presence of nitric oxide provides power to the muscles. This helps a person to spend a long time exercising. The endurance of the body magically increases and the changes in the body start appearing within a short span of time. The other important ingredient present in the product is L-Arginine. This helps the body to soak up more blood than usual. Due to this, the muscle mass of the body increases.

nitric max review

Any Side-Effects

By the process of Nitric Max Review, we need to tell you, It is unfortunate to inform but there may be some side-effects that a person gets by consumption of these products.This includes diarrhea, nausea and stomach problems. It is advised to consult a pediatrician before consuming these products.


  • Makes body oxidized

  • Improves overall body-building performance

  • Maximizes the muscular strength


  • The product may cause digestive problems as found in user reviews.

  • There is no proven clinical test regarding the product.

  • There is no information about what quantity of product should be consumed in a day.

  • No details about the ingredients are available on the product.

User Review

‘’The company is giving the free product for sampling. There is no medical proof of product being safe. The trial versions are risky. Please be careful. There is a possibility that you may receive faulty product’’ – John

‘’I have noticed an enhancement in my exercising regime. I feel powerful than before. There is no better product than this if you want to increase your muscle power’’- Sam

‘’ The official site has many problems. The price of the product is available only after filling a buying form. The product takes too long to arrive’’. – Jennie

‘’ My muscles have shown good results. I consume the product daily. There have not been any side-effects yet except minor stomach ache. Do buy!’’ Dean

Where to buy Nitric Max?

Last but not least if you wanna buy it after reading Nitric Max Review. The real product is only available on the official site of the company. Do check the seal of the product as you receive it. You can check out the product by clicking the image down below.

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