People designed best non comedogenic moisturizers  specifically to prevent the formation of inflammation of the skin as a result of oily components. However, most people do not know it as “non-comedogenic” but “non-acnegenic” moisturizers.

Advantages and disadvantages of oily substances

When one feels like he lost more water content, it results to skin dryness. Oily compounds prevent the excess of moisture from the skin. One can use Best non comedogenic moisturizers  to take care of skin dryness.

The majority of cosmetic companies apply mineral oil and other variants in their moisturizing creams. In addition to controlling the moisture and keeping it from evaporating, the oily layer also makes the skin feel smoother and looks better.

However, there is a problem here. The excess oily layer that formed on the surface of the skin locks in the toxins, and sebum produced by the sebaceous glands of the skin.

best non comedogenic moisturizers

Causes of Acne

Excess of sebum deposit blocks the skin pores. Too much sebum deposits make the skin more susceptible to acne development. This excess sebum can naturally be washed away. However, owing to the mineral oil in the skin, the sebum is kept intact on the dermis.

The stratum corneum which is the outermost layer of the skin contains a large amount of dirt and dead cells. It enhances the production of harmful microorganisms that feed on these dead cells and dirt.

Excess of sebum is not only the cause of acne development, the consequent presence of bacteria and dirt on the skin is also the causes of acne development. Due to the bacterial infection of the sebaceous gland, you can say acne an inflammatory skin condition.

The majority of best non comedogenic moisturizers creams in the market contain various toxic substances. According to the survey conducted by the European Agency for Research on Cancer, these contaminants are paraben and Dioxane.

Toxic substances

Dioxane: this is the most harmful toxic substances so far. We call this cancer-causing compound. The sustained and prolonged use of Dioxane on any skin care product has been reported to cause skin cancer.

Paraben: this is also a common chemical that cosmetic companies use. Formulated to preserve whatever natural ingredient applied in the cream. Paraben is an industrial preservative although, exposure of this toxic substance to the skin can cause irritation and damage to the dermis.

To avoid damages to the skin and cancer, people with oily skin should go for natural substances such as avocado, grape seed oil, and macadamia. The combination of the natural elements with Coenzyme Q10, Cynergy TK, or Phytessence Wakame can increase their potent power. They give the best non-comedogenic moisturizer.

Best non comedogenic moisturizers and Understanding the delicate genius of your skin

Buying the best selling body moisturizers are not enough to get the best result, it is advisable to also to have the best knowledge of your skin. The significance of knowing the type of your skin is just about as important as finding the best skin moisturizer that skin care products could offer

It is necessary to understand your skin to enable you to fully utilize the best non comedogenic moisturizers in the market.

Skin moisturizers provide the skin enough hydration to produce elasticity that you can associate with baby skin. Our skin loses the ability to absorb moisture due to aging; this results in wrinkled and floppy skins.

How to avoid early wrinkled and floppy skin

Water: drinking a lot of water compensates for the loss of moisture. The application of skin moisturizers can also reinforce the effect of proper hydration. The ideal type of skins remains smooth and has sufficient moisture all year round.

People with the normal skin type can have their best selling skin moisturizers of their choices. However, they should opt for thicker lotions during winters and lighter ones in summer.

Sun Protection Factors (SPF) lotions are also advantageous to include in your daily plan of skin care products because these types of cream prevent the age spots and wrinkles from appearing. It also protects the skin from sun damage.

Fragrance-free moisturizers: Fragrance is one of the common irritants in skin products. Organic or natural type of moisturizers is the best for sensitive skin because they are hypoallergenic. So if you have sensitive skin, it is best to use fragrance-free moisturizers.

Tip to best non comedogenic moisturizers: if you are not sure of how safe your moisturizer is, it is best you used it on a smaller patch of your skin before thoroughly applying it on the whole skin.

Best non comedogenic moisturizers- for flaky, dry and itchy skin

For people with dry, itchy and flaky skin, their moisturizing creams should include essential oils, Shea butter, and cocoa butter. They are thick and rich creams which ensure sufficient moisture into the skin.

Best non comedogenic moisturizers products for acne-prone skins

Exfoliating skin products which contain clay or sulfur adds an anti-blemish support and those with tea tree oil eliminate the skin of any bacteria that might cause the breakouts. It is also necessary to use cleansing products with your moisturizer to prevent acne.

Tip: Accutane, photodynamic therapy and retinoids can be used eradicate severe acne problems.