Clean and clear dual action moisturizers are essential products that embody your beauty and your wellness. Choosing the best clean and clear dual action moisturizer will be easy with these simple steps.

clean and clear dual action moisturizer

Step one: labels

While you are going to select clean and clear dual action moisturizer Reading product labels is one of the essential steps in making your choice. It pays a lot when you take time in reading the labels; generally, creams hold more weight than their moisturizing lotion counterparts, so you can opt to choose cream when you want a light weight product.

Step two: seek professional advice

Most facial moisturizers’ components include retinol and salicylic acids. These ingredients are helpful in eliminating acne and also enhance cell turnover. However, some of the exfoliating additives cause peeling and flaking to the skin. They may also irritate the skin. Therefore it is highly recommended to seek the help of a dermatologist before getting any clean and clear dual moisturizer.

Step three: fragrance-free and hypoallergenic moisturizer

Fragrance-free and hypoallergenic face moisturizers are best options for people with sensitive skins. Fragrances irritate people with sensitive skins which can also lead to burning and peeling of the skin.

Step four: Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

Sun protection factor is one of the key elements of a good facial or any moisturizer. To get the best moisturizer in the market, it acts as an anti-aging cream and also protects you from cancer. You can get lotions and facial creams with Sun Protection Factor ranging from 15 to SPF 50 to shield your skin and face from dangerous ultraviolet rays of the sun

Step five: price is not a determinant

Price tags do not determine the quality of a product; the most expensive moisturizer may not be as effective as the inexpensive ones. When considering a product, check the reviews of other users of the products.

Step six: know what your skin needs and go for it

There various brands of clean and clear dual action moisturizer on the market. Unfortunately, not all of them are suitable for your skin. You need to know what your skin needs or is lacking before you can go for a particular product. What is best for Miss A may not be okay for Miss C. Each product is designed to meet a particular skin; is your skin unevenly toned? Do you have breakouts? Do you have oily skin? These are the things you need to know about your skin before settling for a particular product.

Now that you are have the knowledge on how to choose the perfect face moisturizer, it is time to test your newfound knowledge on how to get the best clean and clear dual action moisturizer fit for you. Below are the top eight clean and clear dual moisturizers that you can choose from;

Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer & How it works

It is moisturizer that has oil-free components. It leaves your skin smooth and soft, and it also uses the anti bacterial property of salicylic acid that helps in preventing the occurrence of breakouts.


It is an all-organic ingredient that is super-mild but effective cleanser although, it sounds sound edible and delicious. It is for your facial moisturizer; an antioxidant cream keeps your skin refreshed and radiant


The Aveda green science perfecting cleanser has unique key ingredients such as plai, argan leaf extract, and aloe, it is mild, milky cleanser that works gently to rid off oil and dirt, gentle cleanser works gently to remove excess dirt and oil from the skin. It can also serve as makeup removal.


The kiss my face peaches & cream AHA 8% is the perfect clean and clear dual action moisturizer for people with dry skins and clogged pores. With the key ingredient of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) 8% it moisturizes the skin and unclogs the pores of your skin.


This cleanser unblocked your pores without drying your skin. The Aveda outer peace foaming cleanser is designed for people with acne breakouts.


If you are looking for soft spherical beads that gently remove dryness without irritation or abrasion, H2O plus sea mineral scrub is for you. We can call this a advance formula that improves skin texture and enables moisture penetration.

Its component includes; hydrating marine extract of wakame, sea lettuce, sea mineral and sea fennel that aid in skin cleansing, conditioning and softening. It is good for oily, and acne prone skin.


It is a just amazing cleanser that removes dirt and excess oil while leaving your skin moisturized and smooth.


It is a water-light cleanser that gently washes away impurities while replenishing vital moisture with moisturizing marine botanicals, pro-vitamin B, and Sea Mineral Complex. Its benefits include;

  • Oil-free moisture, hydrating marine botanicals supply nutrient-rich

  • Gentle foaming liquid breaks down dirt and makeup without irritation

  • Multivitamins A, C, and E help protect the skin from daily damage caused by environmental stress

TIP: Before selecting the best facial moisturizers, you need to check out for this signs

  • Smells nice

  • Nongreasy after application

  • No burning sensation or irritation