Today we will talk about Fitness and Supplements.In this day of age, everyone is looking for the next best thing to get summer ready. But not everything works for everyone. Being healthy looks different on everyone and expectations of others should not fall on your shoulders. As the new year’s resolution workout programs and healthy eating habits start to fade away with the summer holidays, I would like to recommend some helpful tips and workouts to get you back in the groove of being fit!

fitness and supplements

fitness and supplements:- Supplements: What should I take?

There is a wide variety of supplements like best fish oil supplement you can take but the best supplements on the market are easy to obtain and add into any diet. Whey protein is a must have a supplement to get your body up and going.

Protein.Protein is a much-needed supplement in the body and sometimes it can be difficult to get all the protein you need throughout the day. Regular food such as peanuts is a great source but if you’re like me and on the go all the time, it’s so much easier to just wake up in the morning and make a great protein shake. I must have breakfast shake consist of bananas, strawberries, spinach, whey protein, and a touch of honey for sweetness. Whey protein is recommended to be taken once or twice a day.

Fish Oil. Omega-3-fish oils are a must have supplement also. You can buy this supplement in pill or liquid form and is best taken with something else. It is a great supplement for blood flow and circulations and also helps with bone density. Your metabolism will definitely see a rise causing you to burn fat faster!

Multivitamins. I personally look for a multivitamin that has vitamins A, some days C, E to boost my immune system. That way hopefully I will not have a sick day and can stick to my workout program. I also stick with a woman’s vitamin and recommend men to do the same. Men and women’s bodies are different so we need different dosages and certain vitamins to improve our health.

When buying supplements I recommend buying top brands. Doctors say that it does not matter which brand you buy, but I personally see a difference between store brands and top brands!

Fitness and Supplements: – Fitness

Fitness is not just about working out. It is about a whole routine to make yourself fit and healthy. Supplements are just one aspect of the equation on how to become more fit and stay healthy. But you also have to eat right and work out.

Eating right can be some days. I know with being a parent it is so much easier to hit a gas station for some quick snacks then waiting till I get home. The best solution to this is planning ahead. The best practice to put into place is adding easy snacks into your grocery shopping and then just putting them in plastic bags or how they come.

To become fit you also have to add workouts into your daily or weekly life. I always suggest speaking with your doctor before you start using a workout routine or even supplements. If you are just starting out, start simple. You do not want to be sore and end up not going back to your workout routine. I also suggest adding fun activities like hiking with the family. This builds great cardio and you can have a great time with friends and family. Another suggestion is starting out with yoga or pilates. By starting your workout routine with simple yoga techniques your body should adjust better and you should not be sore. Yoga is also a great core builder, so if you have back issues this could help to strengthen those muscles and cause you less discomfort. If you already have a workout routine and are looking for a challenge, the best way to do so is to do 30-day challenges. There is several online that consist of squats, core, butt, legs and arms.

Fitness and Supplements: – Fitness Goals?

There is also one more thing that needs to be included in becoming a healthy and fit and that is your mentality towards your fitness goals. To be able to reach your goals you have to love yourself first. There is no room for self-doubt or antagonist behavior. So I always suggest that before you even take your first supplement of the day that you look at yourself in the mirror and you tell yourself of much you love yourself. You tell yourself that you will work hard and achieve your weight loss or muscle gain goals. That way once the pounds start to shed off and your body is starting to feel better so does your mind.


It also helps with keeping up your motivation to keep going. Fitness just about becomes the best you can be and without mental clarity and happiness, you can not ever achieve that goal. If you are having a hard time with being mentally prepared for a better you I suggest meditation.

Fitness and Supplements- Normal Thinking

Now, most people think of meditation as just sitting still and clearing everything out. But I am proposing a new kind of meditation. I mean meditation is just about clearing the stress and becoming joyful. So I suggest that you find your happy spot. That might be listening to music as you dance around the house. Maybe it is taking a long relaxing bath. Maybe your thrive on working hard so you choose clear your mind as you are cleaning up your hard or your house. It doesn’t matter what you choose just as long as it is clearing the stress and making you happy.

The most important thing though is to make sure you have a fitness plan and you are sticking to it. You already have the supplements, the workout plan, and your stress reliever. Now all you need is to set up a routine, and goals. Then it’s just down to you recording your tasks that have been completed and working towards new goals. Pretty soon becoming fit will turn into being fit. It won’t be something you have to push yourself to do. It will become something that is so natural it is like breathing. Then all you have to do is sit back and love yourself even more.