How To Boost Testosterone Naturally?

How To Boost Testosterone Naturally
How To Boost Testosterone Naturally

How To Boost Testosterone Naturally?

Today we will talk about How To Boost Testosterone Naturally? Testosterone is primary male reproducing hormone and anabolic steroid. It is crucial for the whole man’s reproducing system and, besides that, has a very important role in hair and muscles growth. Because of his key role in muscles growing, testosterone is very often synthesized and used for artificial increase of the muscle – such as steroids.

Many people want to increase their muscles fast, without much effort. They dream about having a perfect body and strong muscles that everyone would be amazed of. So they use artificially synthesized testosterone (steroid) in order to achieve that dream, not realizing its harmfulness.

With the artificial testosterone, you can have bodybuilders look very fast and easy. But that kind of look is unnatural, unreal and very very unhealthy. Artificial testosterone is introduced into the body through vaccinations and may cause various side effects, such as heart disease or liver damage. People do not know that they can boost their level of testosterone naturally, which will help them boost their muscles same as the artificial testosterone. There is a certain rule that needs to be followed and you will easily achieve the desired effects.

How To Boost Testosterone Naturally? 1
How To Boost Testosterone Naturally

1. How To Boost Testosterone Naturally- Eat Healthy

In order to boost testosterone in a natural way – you need to eat healthily and possibly lose some weight. Over weighted people often tend to suffer the lack of testosterone, and losing some pounds is the only way to stop that.

Cut out sugar from your diet and you already have 50% done. After eating sugar, testosterone levels rapidly decrease due to high insulin level. It is believed that average human consumes about 10 teaspoons of sugar a day. We all know that sugar really tastes good, but it is actually killing as. You should remove food that contains added sugar from your diet.The next step is regular eating of fruits and vegetables. In the fruits, there is enough fructose (natural sugar) for all your needs, but you should keep your total fructose consumption below 30 grams daily. This is especially for the people who have insulin problems or blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes.

Proteins that is required for your bodybuilding exercise you should find only in chicken or fish meat. Eat a lot of cereals, and dairy products (eggs, milk, yogurt). You should not eat the greasy food, like pork meat. But it is desirable to eat a lot of healthy fats.

You should know that your body requires a few healthy fats. Testosterone is derived directly from cholesterol. There is no other way for the body to reproduce it in a natural way. You should avoid eating food which has a low level of natural fat.

How To Boost Testosterone Naturally- High-Intensity Exercise

Aerobics or yoga are good exercises – but not for testosterone boosting! Intense exercises have a proven positive effect on increasing testosterone levels and preventing its decrease. Having a protein meal after exercise can also be the fact to boost your testosterone.

This is an example of what a typical high-intensity fitness exercise look like.

  • Warm up from 4 to 5 minutes
  • Exercise as hard and fast as you can for 25 seconds. Stop only when you are feeling like you could not possibly do it for another second.
  • Recover for 60 seconds.
  • Repeat everything 6 to 8 times more (depending on how much you are capable).

This exercise is very short – it lasts just for a few minutes. But its high-intensity is crucial. You can apply this to any exercise equipment or muscle group.

How To Boost Testosterone Naturally- Use Natural Vitamins

Not every supplement are bad for you. There is some that can actually be useful. Some of them you can use even on the daily basis because they do not have negative side effects.

Calciumvery important mineral for the muscles grow. Muscle contractions are impossible without calcium. Enough calcium intakes would provide your muscle fibers to retain. Calcium also gives you strength. He is the main element of the bones, on which muscles are attached. Do not underestimate its importance.

B12 This vitamin can not miss in your daily diet. One can find some food of animal origin, mostly in the meat. If you are a vegetarian, consult your nutritionist, he should give you the best advice.

ZincResearchers have shown that food which is rich in this vitamin can be significantly important for testosterone production. Zinc can also be found on some dairy products. Mostly in the raw milk, raw cheese, kefir, and yogurt.

The average person needs to eat at least 7 to 8 mg of zinc per day:

  • oysters – 80mg of zinc per 100 grams
  • chicken or pork liver – 9mg/100g
  • yolk -6mg/100g

Proteins and Amino Acids Amino acids are the organic composition that builds proteins. They are ideal for supplementing the diet, especially for the athletes and bodybuilders who want to save their pure mass after the training.

How To Boost Testosterone Naturally- Optimize Your Vitamin D Levels

Modern lifestyle cannot provide us enough of Vitamin D. Working or spend too much time indoor could be dangerous for our testosterone. Because insufficient sun exposure leads to a lack of much needed Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is the vitamin that is not usually naturally present in food (very few) and is available as a dietary supplement. This vitamin is usually entered in organism via sunlight. It is believed that 10 minutes of daily exposure to sunlight is enough to maintain a sufficient level of the vitamin in the body.

How To Boost Testosterone Naturally- Reduce Stress

When you are under certain treat (pressure), your body automatically defends itself by releasing the stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol blocks testosterone and his effects.Modern day people work the whole day, and they can not stop thinking about the job or worrying about the other daily duties. That is extremely dangerous not just for testosterone – but for the heart, liver, and other important organs.

If you want to boost your testosterone level or save your health, you got to reduce the stress first. In order to achieve that – you can use meditation, acupuncture, yoga or something else…Read this article too