5 Low Carb Dessert Recipes That You Need in Daily Life


Low Carb Dessert Recipes – Things to Know Today

In this article, we will talk about Low Carb Dessert Recipes. Most time, planning what to eat is quite difficult. Before one realizes it, the day may pass without eating a balanced diet. Most of the food available for consumption has some level of carbohydrate content. And we cannot do without eating them in a day. When it comes to this kind of situation, the body needs low carb dessert to remedy it. Have you been wondered how to reduce the calories in your body? This article is for you. Learn more about the low carb dessert recipe.

What Does Low Carb Dessert Recipes Mean?

Low cab only means “Low carbohydrate.” The idea behind Low Carb Dessert Recipes is to burn cholesterol in the body. Or to reduce the intake of calories in the body.  Low Carb Dessert Recipes are most time used for weight loss plan. The amount of carbohydrate intake in a day for an adult should be around 150g calories. But if it happens that the food you take is high in carbohydrate, you can remedy it. A low carb dessert is a good remedy that can reduce calories intake in the body.

Health Benefits of Low Carb Dessert Recipes

Carbohydrate is not bad for the body, but it must not be too much. Desert is not meant to satisfy your hungry stomach. But as little as the content it is, it is rich in nutrients and offers a health benefit. It helps to stabilize the sugar level in the body. It means while choosing low-carb dessert, a sugar-free dessert is preferable.

The key reason while people go for Low-carb dessert is to manage body weight. For people suffering from obesity, low-carb dessert helps in weight reduction.

In as much as saying no to carbohydrate is similar to saying no to sweet things. It means that one has to reduce the intake of sugar or artificial sweetener. It implies that it can help curb and manage the sugar level of those who have diabetes.

The carbohydrate content in a healthy low carb dessert range from 20g-100g carbohydrate. It means low carb dessert helps to curb the intake of carbohydrate on a daily basis. Therefore, it enhances a balanced diet.

What are the Low Carb Dessert Recipes Available?

Several Low carb desserts can serve a purpose. Most of this desserts are available on sale and of course can be homemade which is better. People go for the dessert of their choice base on preference. But some of the latest and quality low- carb dessert will be discussed below.



It is a ketogenic low carb dessert that is yellowish. To prepare carb dessert; some ingredients are needed. They are;

  1. 1 teaspoon of gelatin
  2. 1 pinch of saffron
  3. 2 cups of heavy whipping cream
  4. 1 tablespoon honey
  5. 1 tablespoon almond
  6. 12 physalis or fresh raspberries.

Recipes of Saffron Pannacotta: –

  • Combine gelatin with a little amount of water. The measurement is usually a tablespoon of water with a tablespoon of gelatin.
  • Join and put cream, saffron, and vanilla in a weightless bowl.
  • Place the bowl in a saucepan and allow to simmer at a low temperature.
  • Remove the pan from the fire and add the gelatin
  • Stir to mix until it is well dissolved
  • Once it dissolves, pour it into a glass cup. Cover the surface of the glass and refrigerate for at least 2hours.
  • Toast the almond in a hot frying pan for a few minutes.
  • Add physalis or other preferred berries on top of the pannacotta.
  • Then, you can serve because it is ready for consumption



If you want a quick sugar-free, low carb dessert, select mascarpone cheese mousse and berry. It is a red, white and blue looking dessert. Under a few minutes, the dessert is ready without wasting a lot of time. The ingredients that can be used in preparing it which include:

  1. A bowl of mascarpone cheese
  2. 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla
  3. A pint of blueberry
  4. A cup whipping cream
  5. 11/4 of strawberry

Recipe for Mascarpone Cheese


  • Dice the strawberry into smaller parts for it to fit into the glass cup.
  • Pour mascarpone into a comfortable bowl and whisk.
  • Pour the diced strawberry in the glass cup first
  • The next thing is to pour and spread the whisked mascarpone on the strawberry
  • Then you can lay the blueberry on top of the glass cup



Berry Pavlova is another low carb recipe. It has a white, blue and red color. Several ingredients can be used in making berry, Pavlova.  They are:

  1. 5-7 white eggs
  2. 11/2 cups of caster sugar
  3. 2 teaspoon white vinegar
  4. Icing sugar mixture to dust
  5. Mixed berry to serve
  6. A tablespoon of corn flour
  7. Thick 30ml cream
How to Prepare Berry Pavlova
  • Heat the oven to 1200 aforetime. Make a 20m circle on a baking paper and lay carefully in a baking pan
  • Break the egg and separate the egg white in a dry clean bowl. Whisk until it gives a soft and smooth whitish foamy texture.
  • Add a spoon of tablespoon sugar. Beat it well allowing it to mix until the sugar dissolves
  • Add the cornflour and vinegar, stir until they are well mixed
  • Begin to pack the mixture in the 20m baking paper in the pan tracing the circle with a spatula
  • Bake until it is dry or for close to 2hours and once it’s done turn off the oven
  • Whisk cream in a separate bowl until it is smooth and succulent.
  • Move the pavlova to a serving plate. Spread cream icing and finally, berries on the top



It is another low carb dessert. Some of the ingredients are;

  1. 8 ounce brewed coffee
  2. 1/4 cup of unsweetened almond milk
  3. 1 tablespoon homemade Nutella
  4. 1/2crushed ice
  5. Whipped cream
  6. 2-3 drops hazelnut liquid stevia

Sugar-free Nutella iced coffee recipe

  • Pour brewed coffee, almond milk, ice and hazelnut stevia liquid in the blender
  • Blend until the mixture is smooth.
  • Transfer it to the glass cup and top it with whipped cream or Nutella


When you take a look at Low Carb Dessert Recipes, they are delicacies that are not resistible. In as much as you want to stay off too much of carbohydrate intake, these desserts are available.  Desserts consist of sweet food, but there are diverse of dessert for low carbohydrate. We will talk more about Low Carb Dessert Recipes in coming days. Stay tuned and fit.