6 Ways You are Interrupting Your Gains – Find Out How?


Today we will talk about what are the 6 Ways You are Interrupting Your Gains  When you go to the gym you put hard effort, time and money into making gains. You want to see progress, you want your hard work to pay off in stone-cold results.

Who doesn’t? Nobody wants to sweat in vain so when you come up to your forthcoming plateau, and everyone will. You don’t get discouraged but instead, hurl more force into your workouts. Make the most out of the power you expel at the gym by avoiding these commonly overlooked bodybuilding mistakes.

6 Ways You are Interrupting Your Gains –

  • Ignoring your progress
  • Depending on supplements
  • Improper use of sugar
  • Mindless reps
  • Training “safe”
  • Skipping stretching

Ignoring Your Progress

If you don’t have a map then you won’t know where you are going. If you run into the gym with your new kicks and fresh workout gear and just “wing” your workout, expect minimal to no results. Create a goal (ie: gain 10 pounds in muscle) and develop a plan to achieve it. A notebook is important when it comes to designing effective workouts and keeping a track of your progress. You NEED to have a notebook.

Before you hit the gym, write out each exercise you plan on performing along with space to write how heavy you lift and how many repetitions per set. This way you can keep a log of where you are gaining strength and where you need to improve. This notebook will also come in handy when dealing with Mistake #5: Training “Safe”.

Quantifying your progress will also give you the motivation to keep going. Seeing results on paper (which usually comes before you see results on your body) has the power to force you into the gym and stick to your routine.

Depending on Supplements

Supplements should never be a replacement for food intake. Your body absorbs nutrients better from real food and not synthesized vitamins and minerals. This is why they are called supplements: they are temporary substitutes used when you are deficient in a certain vitamin or need an occasional pick-me-up, which brings me to the beloved pre-workout. This amino acid and Beta-Alanine mixtures can be addictive and it’s best to master your motivation and energy on most days from within.

Not to mention, the supplement industry is just that, an industry. Supplements are expensive and marketed well to achieve their primary purpose of being there to make money. Also, if you have a lousy workout routine and a lousy diet, chances are the supplements won’t do anything for you. It’s important to create a strong, natural foundation through proper diet and routine before supplementing your diet.

Improper Use of Sugar

Sugar is hiding everywhere and if you haven’t noticed on food labels, there is no daily percentage value for sugar. This is because most foods alone surpass the daily limit. Men should intake only 37 grams of sugar while women need 25 grams.

Take a look at the food label of your favorite foods and notice the amount of sugar per serving. Be aware of options that are low sugar or have a NATURAL sugar substitute like stevia and agave nectar.

Another mistake often made is people will consume most of their sugar in the morning, causing a spike in blood sugar levels where your body then releases the hormone insulin. Your body does not like to do this. It’s best to stick to pure protein in the morning. With complex carbs and leave the sugar until AFTER your workout. The excess of increment in blood sugar levels generally pumps into your muscle and thus stored as energy rather than fat. Don’t think of grabbing that chocolate bar though, instead try a piece of wholegrain toast and bananas with honey.

Mindless Reps

A mindless rep occurs when you’re not “in it to win it.” Your thoughts are elsewhere instead of concentrating on the muscle movement. Maybe you’re staring at the baby at the squat rack or you’re checking yourself out in the mirror. Not that you shouldn’t watch your form, but you need to mentally picture each movement as it happens.

Every muscle movement should be fully concentrated. Envision the muscle you are working, expanding and contracting. Really contract the muscle and notice how it feels with each movement and “see” how the muscle is moving inside your body.

Training “Safe”

I don’t mean throw caution to the wind and lift heavier weights than you should or run on the treadmill with sandals. What this means is to venture outside of your comfort zone and test your limits. This is the only way to make gains at the gym. They say the exercise you like to do the least and/or is the hardest for you, is the one your body needs the most.

Venture away from your usual workout. Change it up and add elements to your bodybuilding workout that will challenge you. High-intensity interval training is a great addition to a bodybuilding workout. It shouldn’t be incorporated every day as too much cardio can diminish results, but save one day for this type of routine.

Your notebook is a handy solution when it comes to discovering new ways to make gains. Track your progress and discover the most effective way you can test your physical and mental limitations.

Skipping Stretching

Trainers are still amazed at a number of bodybuilders who skip the simple and satisfying ritual of stretching altogether. Research shows you can increase results at the gym by training AFTER a workout. Stretching cold muscles beforehand can cause a significant loss of strength in the muscle group you are going to work so if you stretch before, It’s best to stretch the antagonist muscle to the group you are going to work. This element to your workout can actually increase the rate of hypertrophy, which is the additional volume of muscle tissue from enlargement cells.

Training is a complex science that draws results from many components like exercise, diet, and lifestyle habits such as sleep. Finding what works for your body is all trial, error and learning from others. Next time you’re in the gym, avoid these 6 mistakes and utilize their solutions instead.