An Introduction to Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture

Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture
Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture

 Introduction to Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture

If you’re looking for a good moisturizer brand and a good product from their selection, Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture is a good option. Many brands have moisturizers dedicated to oily skin and Neutrogena’s offering stack up well with the competition for several reasons.

The company has a good reputation, it has a long history of making good products, it has a decent price point, and most importantly the product works well for what it claims to do.Here are some reasons why Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture is worth considering.

About Neutrogena

Unlike other recent competitors, the Neutrogena company has been making high-quality products for a long time, and it has a rich history of making good skincare products for customers. One of the things the company is most famous for is their innovation and iconic products. In the 60’s the manager of the company was given the recipe for their famous hand cream from a Norwegian.The recipe was used by Norwegian fishermen for generations to help protect their skin in the hard conditions of fishing in the north Atlantic ocean. Handling ropes, cages, and other equipment in freezing temperatures takes its toll ón the skin, so the fishermen used glycerine mixtures to maintain the moisture of their skin.

An Introduction to Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture 1
Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture

A Bit More Depth History of Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture

The hand cream quickly became the company’s most well-known product. But also, they scouted in Europe for other high-quality products. Their iconic soap came from a Belgian chemist who developed a soap that closely mirrored the natural pH of the skin without any chemicals. It was also easy to rinse off. This clear soap became the standard product associated with the Neutrogena name, as well as their hand moisturizer.

The company’s heritage is reflected in its branding, with its logo being similar to the Norwegian flag.


Another positive about Neutrogena’s practices which one can observe in their oil-free moisturizer is the good-value price of their products. The company is committed to efficiency, which means that the price of Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture is kept much more reasonable. It is noticeably more reasonably priced than other brands, but since it lasts a long time it is also quite economical.

Despite being a premium brand Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture is at a price point to compete with store-brand offerings and is easy ón the pocket.


While it is a good all-around moisturizer, Neutrogena oil-free works best ón oily skin. Since it has a very neutral and low level of oil in the ingredients, it can leave oily skin feeling fresher since it does not overload the levels of oil ón the skin as other products might. It is not as good for dry or mixed-type skin, but it is still a high-quality product and has a wide variety of uses. As mentioned above, the Neutrogena products have been based ón mixtures that were successful in the extreme conditions of the North Atlantic fishing industry, so they are very versatile.

Since a moisture imbalance is not good for the skin, this can result in acne. Of course, Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture is good for acne for this reason. One can use it as the ideal daytime moisturizer since it works well with makeup.


Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture has several high-quality ingredients. The company feels pride after formulating a mixture that makes the best of the different ingredients. As it has been sourced sustainably and a combination of from high-quality sources.

Acne prone skin is particularly likely to be oily, which is why an oil-free moisturizer is such a good option. It acts to moisturize without overloading the skin with oil like with other products that contain more oil. Of course, for those with skin problems or acne, it is a good option to opt for a weaker concentration of moisturizer such as this.It has more natural ingredients than other options, including xantham gum and its water concentration makes it easier ón the skin than other options. Overall it is a complete formula less likely to cause problems for the skin.

Its formulation also makes it very easy to be absorbed by the skin. Since it has comparatively high water balance it is less likely to hang around ón the skin without being absorbate. This is extremely important for those who need to mix it with makeup or plan to use it throughout the day.It also controls shine throughout the day which adds to its uses since it one can use it with the combination with less makeup or with heavier applications of makeup.

It is fragrance-free and generally has less unnecessary fillers and they add chemicals too. It also comes in a handy bottle that makes it easy to accurately pump the right amount as needed.

Benefits of the product (summary):

  • There are several things that make the moisturizer a great option, so it is worthwhile listing them here.
  • Good value
  • Low in oil making it good for oily skin
  • Delicate ón the skin
  • Good for acne
  • Good ingredients and formula as per Neutrogena’s history
  • Handy packaging


Overall, Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture is a solid option. This is particularly true for those with oily skin and acne. Since it is a weaker concentration it is less likely to cause issues or overload your pores. On top of that, there is much less cost with this option if you compare to other options from other high-profile brand names since the overall cost is lower and the moisturizer tends to last a long time.

On top of this, Neutrogena has a good reputation for good quality products. This is evident from their history and such flagship products. As their clear soap, hand cream, and this oil-free moisturizer. The product is a combination of high-quality ingredients and comes in convenient and well packaging. Furthermore, it is less likely to cause allergic reactions.Or other skin issues. And which would be very counter-productive to a skincare regime. Neutrogena is overall a faithful company, and their oil-free moisturizer is both a good value and very effective option.