The universe is full of unique creatures and guesses what? The male gender is one of them. It’s no secret that females are attracted to healthy men regarding fitness. What it entails to be an attractive man to most people is the physical structure and bodily makeup of a man. And that is the reason why most men are more concerned about their physique than their facial appearance.

 Do you want to stay fit and know more about supplements to use on your fitness quest? Learning more about male fitness and supplements.


When you see a well-structured muscular man, don’t think it all appeared overnight. Training and exercises must have gone down the drain before it becomes evident on the body. Fitness entails fat burning and bodybuilding. There are several guidelines and steps to follow while planning to go on a fitness program. Some of few steps are as follows:

men fitness and supplements
1.Understand your fitness plan

One thing you should know is that, if you have intentions to make changes in your body, it should be well planned. When you are organized in your dealings in life, it makes you get a favorable visible result. Whether you intend to get rid of your pot belly or to acquire six-packs. Even if it is a monster body structure, you need to settle and analyze how to go about it. The time duration, diet and scheduled activities to make it happen, should be spelled out. Of course, you need to keep a journal that contains records of your training. And also food timetable will help you stay focused and motivated.

2.Work on your diet

An appropriate diet is essential that means you will need to adjust your food intake. Your diet decides more than the average of a successful fitness plan. Increase in body mass demands energy. Therefore, fitness comprises eating more caloric food than drinks. This will convert fat to muscle for bodybuilding. That means you need to figure out how many calories you need, to get started on your fitness quest. How can you know the number of calories you need? Just multiply your body mass density in pounds by 15-20 calories. Foods that are high in calories are oatmeal, coconut milk, and avocado.

Protein is another essential nutrient you need while building your body. For bodybuilders, you need to take of 1.2-1.7grams per pound of body mass density. This will help to repair and rebuild muscle tissues damaged in the course of training. It will also help to maintain muscle and lose fat. On the alternative, consume branch chain amino acid to increase anabolism.

Fruit and vegetable

It seems most bodybuilder sees fruit and vegetable as a foe. Naturally, fruits and vegetables possess essential nutrient you need to stay healthy.Therefore in fitness, you need not eat too much of fruit. Just a piece of fruit is good before a workout to get your glycogen up and save muscle glycogen. After the workout, eat another piece higher in glucose than fructose such as banana and cherry to get your insulin spike moving. Fruits contain fiber that can help slow down protein digestion to give an easy release of amino acid. Water is essential before and after a workout to keep your body hydration level balanced.

3.Exercises and weight lifting

Aside diet, exercises are very paramount if you want to stay fit. There are limitless categories of exercises available for fitness. But of course, their function and uniqueness differ. Don’t be in a rush to gain muscles at the preliminary stage. I mean, in the first few days when you start working out.

Weightlifting is not an exemption for those who want to build up a moderate or fierce muscle. But one thing is for sure, understand your capability and do not carry more than what your strength can accommodate. Some of them include Push up, Pull up, AB Roll-outs, Squat, Clean, and jerk. Deadlift is a few to be mentioned in here that has proved effective. Ensure you work out at least once in a day.


Normally, your body needs rest. Remember; your body needs to adjust to the few changes that have been occurring for days. So you need to allow your muscles to rest and natural repairs to take place. Also, training is enough stress for the day. After a stressful day, you need a pleasant rest to get your body and strength back to place. The required period for sleep is up to 8hours on a daily basis.


When the body is subjected to intense fitness training, you need supplements. This supplement will help aid body mass building, burn fat, repair and build muscles.They are formulated to supply the fuel to your body. This can help boost your performance in fitness activities. You can count on this supplement for more energy. Even also reduction in muscle breakout and intense muscle pumps. Some of them include:

Whey protein powder

One of the classes of protein found in milk aside case in is whey. It is the water-soluble part of milk. It is extracted from casein during coagulation and syneresis. Whey protein powder could also be a by-product of cheese. It serves as a protein supplement that is used in hitting daily protein goal.This enhances muscle protein synthesis to an advanced degree than another source of protein. Whey protein works for muscle repair and growth.

It also contains amino acids that create bioactive pesticide.It includes B-Lacto globulin, Immunoglobulin, Alpha-Lactalbumin, bovine serum Albumin. It digests within 30 min with a fast track penetration of amino acid into the muscle. These elements also increase glutathione with an antioxidant enzyme that plays a key role in boosting immunity.

Dosage: You can take 20grams 30 minutes before workout and 40grams after a workout.


This is very important and has been body builder’s ally over the years. Glutamine is the almost dominated amino acid (61%) in the skeletal muscle. It helps to reduce muscle breakdown and improves protein metabolism and anti-catabolism.

When you start working out, there is a huge probability that your glutamine level will reduce. Therefore, glutamine supplement is to help you maintain and replenish your glutamine level.  And it could also serve as a fundamental source of energy for your immune system.

Dosage: Research made it known that intake of 1.6 grams glutamine a day gives a 92% cure rate in a week. Over 400% hormone growth was also established with the usage of 2grams. For bodybuilders, use 10-15 grams in a day. It could be taken twice or thrice daily.

Creatine is composed of amino acid that is often found in protein-rich food like meat and fish. It is a molecule naturally produced in the body. It contains phosphocreatine that stores and unleashed energy in the body. Studies have shown that 8% of adolescent and 40% of college and professional athletes use creatine. The existence of creatine in the body is to provide sustained energy through Adenosine triphosphate (ATP). But when the muscles are overstressed, the Adenosine triphosphate reduces. So, creatine supplement helps to restore ATP to boost and outlet strength. 

It enhances cellular energy production which is necessary for bone formulation and maintenance. That is, it increases the ability of the body to produce more energy. This energy carries you through your training producing a good result. This also works for the enhancement of maximal power, strength and muscle mass.

Dosage: For a start, use 0.03 grams per kilogram of body mass density on a daily basis. Then as for bodybuilders, 10 grams can be taken per day.
Brand chain amino acid (BCAA)

This is a component of three amino acid which are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. They are found in protein-enriched food such as meat and egg which are beneficial to the muscle. Isoleucine releases glucose into the cell and fuel up muscle cells leaving out another amino acid from burning up. Leucine stimulates muscle protein synthesis. And lastly, valine supply energy to the muscle and is responsible for the muscle repair and recovery.

Serotonin levels increase because of exercise, and this may cause fatigue. In other to prevent and remove fatigue, you can use brand chain amino acid. It may interest you to know that BCAA is capable of effecting a reduction in muscle breakage.

Dosage: Take 2.0 grams per kilogram of body weight on a daily basis. But it should be served in different rounds around 4-6 times in a day.


Physical activities on a daily basis are good and paramount for healthy living. The consistent workout is a plus for those that want to maximize muscular building. Deciding to go on a fitness program demands necessary preparation.

Although, many people have different reasons why they make fitness their priority. But the most important thing while choosing to stay fit is a positive attitude. Be positive and keep your excitement level high. This is because fitness begat smartness and great physique.