How to Boost Your Body Repair and Regeneration


How to Boost Your Body Repair and Regeneration

Today we will talk about boost body repair and regeneration. You probably did know that there are some living beings that have the ability to repair their broken organs and limbs. Wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to grow your arm or leg back again, as lizards do? Regeneration is truly amazing, and you probably did not know that us, humans, have that ability too.Surely, you have heard that starfish is an amazing creature – which can completely renew its body parts. If you cut one of its legs – it will grow another. That ability is called regeneration.

Learn how to boost body repair and regeneration

Humans, of course, are not like starfish. We can not grow our foot or arm again, but we have that same regeneration ability, in a certain way.

What are human’s Regeneration and Repair abilities?

Our regeneration relates to the regeneration of certain internal organs, bone growth, and our immune system – which is responsible for our ability to fight various illness and diseases. For an example: We can regenerate our liver, some heart tissues, hormones, skin, and the new revealed ability to regenerate lungs.

Repair is the slightly different term. It is humans ability to heal some minor external injuries. Such as cuts, abrasions, burns… That term is a lot easier to understand than regeneration, but in certain ways, they are very similar. Read more below about boost body repair and regeneration.

Is there any hope that the humankind will successfully fight the diseases?

When we are going to the doctor, there are certain words that we do not want to hear – Alzheimer, Parkinson, cancer, diabetes. Today, we are talking about hope, because there is a hope for the humankind. We can learn how to train ourselves to avoid bad things. We can learn how to train our bodies to fight them, and how to boost our body’s repair and regeneration.

Branch of medicine that deals with this are called “The Regenerative medicine”. They deal with speeding up the process of regeneration in the human’s body.

The most important thing is to detect the disease in time. Take diabetes as an example. What we do, is that we detect it when it is already gone too far to be treated. So, we take insulin – which is pretty good stuff, but it can not heal us eternally. Same as cancer or aids.

Why do not we instead try to gain some regenerative abilities – which can kill all of that disease in their initial stage? We could do that by strengthing our immune system.

What is the Immune system

Human’s immune system is complex system – where leukocytes and antibodies are fighting with various infections and viruses. The immune system is responsible for controlling the diseases of all kind. If our immune system would stop working, we would soon get a lot of diseases and die. When our immune system is low, the body is vulnerable to the action of bacteria and viruses, and they have an easy path to our tissues.

With our behavior, with our way of living, and with natural healing – we can significantly impact on the prevention of low immunity, and with that – we can save our life. Check out other aspects of boost body repair and regeneration.

What is causing our immune system to get low?

The low immune system is very dangerous and can lead to the various diseases. Here is one of the worst things that we are doing to ourselves, that is causing illness:

  • Bad habits, such as drinking and smoking
  • Stress
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Irregular and incorrect diet
  • Insufficient physical activity
  • Too hard intellectual or physical labor
  • Irregular sleep and irregular rest
  • Smog and dust

How can we boost our immune system?

Body repair and regeneration
Body repair and regeneration

1. Have Some Physical Activity

Physical exercise keeps the body in shape and in good condition, which is important for maintaining the immune system and preventing many diseases. That exercises can include daily walking, swimming, running, or even dancing.

We should not exaggerate with physical exercises because too much of physical work is exhausting our body and reduces our immunity.

2. Eat healthy

Proper and healthy diet influences the increase of immunity. The proper diet mean smaller, but more regular meals throughout the day. You must not skip the breakfast!

Food that is crucial to immunity are anti-oxidants, fruits, vegetables, grains, and the proteins.

Fruits: Bananas, lemons, grapes, apples, and natural fruit juices.

Vegetables: Green vegetables, onions, garlic, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers…

For the intake of protein, you should take chicken soup, lean meat, mushrooms, yogurt and nonfat milk. Spices also can be crucial for boosting the immune system. Especially: rosemary, celery, parsley, and ginger.

3. Have a Good Sleeping Habit to Body Repair and Regeneration

Sleeping has a lot of positive effects on our body. It prepares us for the future events and challenges. We should never skip sleeping, and we should sleep every night at least 6 to 8 hours, in order to maintain our immune system on a high level. It is crucial that room, where we are sleeping, have windows. So we can ventilate it in order to breathe only fresh air.

4. Spend more time in nature

Working is very important part of the life, but we should not work more than our body could handle. Do not go against your body and your immune system. Spend some time out of your office and go to a river, forest, meadow, mountain…Or just spend more time with your family or friends. Seeing your loved ones will definitely reduce your stress level, and at the same time increase your immunity.


The medicine is developing every day. The scientists are working hard to improve our regeneration abilities as far as possible. Some of them are claiming that the people actually could have the same ability as the starfish or the lizard. They are saying that we really could grow our limbs back. There are some new technologies that are really promising, so who knows what we can expect in the future.

Until then, you should follow the simple rules. These are just a few examples of how you can boost your body regeneration and repair. We are sure now that you can recognize bad habits and stop yourself from supporting them. Now you know how to save your body from the diseases. Respect your body and you will live healthily!