Learn How to Cure Shingles in Three Days?


How to Cure Shingles in Three Days? – Introduction

Today we will talk about how to cure shingles in three days. Living a healthy life is the key to sound health. But despite our carefulness, we still encounter rough times in life. In as much as our body is exposed to free radicals, we cannot avoid health challenges. Some health issues are contagious viral diseases while our body develops others. But either way, we still stay strong to fight against them just to be in good health. Are you infected with shingles? This article is written for you to learn how to cure shingles in three days.

What is Shingles?

Shingle is a viral disease. We also know it as herpes Zoster.It is an inflammatory disease of the nerve ganglia which usually forms a ring on the surface of the body. Shingles are seen as a painful skin rash which can develop on any part of the body. It can even form blister and spread widely on the body.

Shingle is an irritable disease caused by varicella-zoster virus. This same varicella-zoster virus causes chickenpox. When chickenpox is cleared from the system, the virus may not be active. But when varicella-zoster restores to the state of its activities, It causes shingles. Varicella-zoster is contagious when a person comes in contact with the fluid. It can spread when it is in its active stage.


Before any obvious physical evidence, you will experience some discomfort. At an initial stage, you may experience flu-like symptoms and pains. Diarrhea, stomachache may occur at the prodromal stage. You may also experience stinging sensation and burn around the affected nerves area. Some people also feel nausea and fatigue.

When it becomes fully active, you will experience rashes and blisters. There will be fluid in the blister which may break or erupt. You may notice that after the eruption, scabbing may occur.

You may also experience ophthalmic shingles that affect facial sensation nerves. This makes rashes to appear in the face area. For some people, shingles become a complicated issue. They encounter long-term pains, and hypersensitive to touch. They develop postherpetic neuralgia which is a chronic stage. It may last longer for months and years.
The worst of it all is when you experience widespread zoster. If your body has a little immunity to fight against the disease, it may spread all over. This time, the rash affects different spot in the body. It may likely appear like chicken pox, not shingles.


The primary cause of shingles is varicella-zoster virus. When it reactivates, it goes straight down to the nerves and becomes active. Certain diseases may also be a cause such as HIV/AIDS.

Aging is another cause of shingles. Aging is an irresistible nature of human growth. Though not all aged people experience shingles, aging is a factor that may cause it. Injury or sunburn can also be a cause.When the body immune system is low, it may not be able to resist contractible disease. Stress is not left out. It could be psychological stress or when a person is suffering from trauma.

How to Cure Shingles in Three Days?

Shingles in itself are not contagious but the virus. A person can contract the virus from some that have shingles but not as shingles. The person can only contract it for chickenpox. The virus cannot spread by sneezing or coughing. The direct contact with the fluid is the only way the disease can be contracted.

Therefore, you have to be careful, when mingling with people. When you detect that someone is suffering from an infection, do not allow your skin to come in contact.

Of course, vaccines for varicella is available and now recommended almost everywhere. Different categories of person can take this vaccine. First, those that have no or low immunity can take this vaccine. Pregnant women have different phases they go through during pregnancy. So they are also entitled to receive the vaccine. There are two types of vaccine. There is one given between 12 and 15 months. And there is one that can be between 4 and 6years.

How to Cure Shingles in Three Days – PART-2

Antibiotics can determine the fate of bacterial, it is not the same as a virus. The main thing you need to put together in your life is your diet. You need to boost your immune system to be able to fight against viral diseases. Most treatment for this viral disease points at relieving the patient its symptoms. Most medications such as steroids or antibiotics. But when you go on the right diet, the cure for shingles is close. You need to eat more of natural foods that are rich vitamin C. Some of the foods you need to eat is raw leafy vegetables and fruits.

Add up food that is high L- lysine to your diet. Lysine helps to prevent and heal the cold sore. Some of them include poultry white meat, fish and brewer yeast. By doing this, you are helping your body to absorb nutrient needed. Water is an essential part of life for a healthy living. You need to increase your purified water intake. This helps to keep your body hydrated and comfortable digestion.

An essential part of it all is, avoid some particular food that may add up to the problem. Foods that are high in arginine is what you should avoid. Some of them are a nut, soy food, oats and white flour. More so, you need to avoid processed food because they have little nutrient.
Another thing you ought to understand is that bathing can relieve to some extent. Bath with purified water and clear the affected area with special lotion cream. You can as well use anointment that will help you get rid of shingles.


Shingle is a disease that you would not like to harbor on your skin. It could be excruciating and irritating. So necessary steps on ways to get rid of it but the thing you must follow it strictly. If it seems that the condition is not taking any new shape, see a specialist. Your health should be your priority. Shingles or not, you need to eat good food to stay healthy. Stay connected as we will discuss more how to cure shingles in three days soon.