Get Rid of Dead Skin on Feet – Learn How


Get Rid of Dead skin on feet – Learn How

Today we will talk about How to get rid of dead skin on feet. Every part of the body is significant. But most times we often careless and ignore the health care of the feet. Probably maybe because it is not in the obvious part of our body. Forgetting that,the foot is the most used part of the body.But due to our carelessness, instead of having neat, healthy feet, the reverse is the case. Do you have an ugly dry, dead skin on your feet? Learn more on how to get rid of dead skin on feet.


The foot is the complex musculoskeletal skeletal that gives support to the body. Naturally, the skin on the feet is dry compared to the remaining part of the body. The skin on the feet produces no oil gland, so it counts on the ones from the rest part of the body.That is why most times the feet are always dry. Randomly, the skin dead cell exfoliate every 28 days and is replaced by new ones. If the dead cell accumulates without replacement with a new one, it may blockage off the pores causing dry skin and related diseases.


Before we see How to get rid of dead skin on feet, There are diverse of causes of dead skin on feet. Some of them includes

Pressure: Well, it cannot be ruled out that the foot is the most utilized part of the body. Most time it experiences friction and stress that is unavoidable. The whole body rests on the foot, so the skin becomes hard and rough. In some part of the world, some people even walk barefoot which is even worst. The foot gets disfigured and rough. This roughness can even result into corn or callus.

Hot water: Sometimes, bathing with hot water can also be a cause of thick and hard skin on feet. Longer stay of the feet in water can wipe away oil from the feet.  There is an increase of dead skin on feet during rainy/winter period season.

Footwear: Of course we cannot do without wearing footwear. But all good things have their bad side. Base on research, footwear causes hardness on the feet. It happens when the feet are kept nearby for an extended period. This sometimes leads to burning feet.People wear soaks and some other feet coverage. Footwear can deprive the feet some air and from blood flow. This factor can cause the feet to be thick and hard.

Chemicals: There are some body treatment, soap or lotion that affect the skin feet.  People often unknowingly use chemical based products that contain corticoid.

Genetic factor: There is skin disorder that causes dryness and thickness on the skin on feet. You can call this Ichthyosis Vulgaris, it is an inherited skin condition stores in patches on the skin. Psoriasis is another long-term inflammatory disease that accumulates in spots on the skin. It affects different parts of the body and also on the feet skin.

Ailment: People suffering from one ailment or the other are prone to the thedead skin on feet. People diagnosed with obesity, heart disease, and diabetes


There are several ways you can come to know How to get rid of dead skin on feet, they include;

Home remedies: Instead of making choices that have aside effect, you can use natural exfoliants. They are quite accessible, safe and cheap. You can soak your feet in warm water for like 10-15 minutes.It will help to soften the skin effectively.Inside this warm water, there is some ingredient that you can add to the water. They will contribute to dissolve dead skin and exfoliate them.

Some of them include lemon, vinegar, and Epsom salt. After you step out of the water you, clean your foot and apply moisturizer. There are a lot of ingredients that you can rub on the feet. Some of them include glycerin, oatmeal, blended ripe banana, honey, mentholated rob and baking soda with rose water. You can also apply anointment that is moisturize-based under your feet. Do not apply in betwixt the toes to avoid bacteria.After you have moisturized the feet, you can wear a cotton sock to cover it up. Do not repeat the same soaks unwashed.

Pumice Stone. One can use Pumice stone majorly for the dead skin on the feet. Before use, soak your feet for few minutes to soften it. Once your feet absorb water, washed it with a mild soap.Then scrub your feet with ease. Do not use any sharp object to scratch or scrub your foot as an alternative. You can massage the rough dead skin on feet with sandpaper.

Rest and exercise: Stress is a factor that causes the dead skin on feet.It means the foot and body require enough rest. Base on research, the effectiveness of reduction stress benefit the skin and physical health. You need to exercise the body for the skin to rejuvenate. Exercise such as yoga and aerobic exercise will help to remove toxins and waste products in the body. The most important thing of all that the body needs is sleep. Sleep reduces stress and rejuvenates the skin.

Healthy food: Eat food that is healthy.Eat more food that is nutritious in omega fatty acid. Some of them include cold sea fish such as salmon. A low level of diet in fatty acid produces a dull and rough skin. Intake of fruits and green leafy vegetable is also necessary for the supply of varieties of vitamins and nutrients. Sweet potatoes are also very rich source of vitamin A. Intake of water also helps the body to stay hydrated. And base on research, drinking of water helps to remove dead skin from the body.

Paraffin wax treatment:Paraffin wax is white and solid. It is gotten from petroleum coal or oil shale. One can use it as a skin treatment to affect softness and smoothness.You can heat some paraffin wax and mix it with an essential oil. Rub it on the skin on feet and then leave it to stay overnight while you sleep. When you wake up, you can wash it off.


Most of these remedies for How to get rid of dead skin on feet are effective ways of getting rid of dead skin on your feet. But it demands consistent treatment until the feet skin is back to live. When situation turn worse that the feet are not responding to treatment, see a podiatrist. Hopefully you liked this How to get rid of dead skin on feet article. You can also learn more on skin problem solution here