8 Things to Know About How to Get Rid of Swimmers Ears

How to Get Rid of Swimmers Ears
How to Get Rid of Swimmers Ears

An Introduction to How to Get Rid of Swimmers Ears


Let’s talk about how to get rid of swimmers ears. There is nothing as suitable has been hail and healthy. When a particular part of the body is affected by an ailment, the whole body is affected. One will not feel so comfortable from the within. When that part is a sensitive organ of the body, It makes everything worst. Swimmers ears are one of the infections that affect the sensitive organs of the body. Have you been suffering from swimmers ears? Read on, as this article will inform you on how to get rid of swimmers ear.


Before we talk about how to get rid of swimmers ears, first let’s know what actually swimmer ears mean. The ear canal protects the middle ear from external penetration and infections. When water enters the ear canal, bacterial inhibit and increases causing infections. This infection is referred to as swimmers ear. Swimmer’s ear also knows as External otitis is an inflammatory infection. It is found in the outer ear and ear canal.It is a bacterial infection of the outer ear canal.

The ear canal is a cylinder-shaped structure broadened from the outer part of the ear. It is overhead earlobe, down to the eardrum (tympanic membrane).  It is a painful condition of the visible portion of the ear.

Two Forms are here:

Swimmer’s ear can occur in two forms which are acute and chronic forms. Chronic is usually for a long period of time. This condition is most time found in swimmers, and that is why it’s called swimmer’s ear. Base on estimation, 2.4 million doctors have visited the US because of swimmer’s ear.

Children are more vulnerable to swimmer’s ear. They spend more time in water either playing on the beach or swimming pool. However, swimmers and adults that are frequent swimmers are usually affected as well. One needs to treat swimmers ear to reduce pain and eliminate any effect. This is to curb any negative effect on your hearing or spread of the infection.

How to Get Rid of Swimmers Ears – See the SYMPTOMS

There are several symptoms of swimmer ears infection. At the initial stage, you will feel heaviness in your ears. And of course, your ears will feel full. The ears will become itchy, and water may begin to the ear canal will swell. The next thing may be that yellowish liquid content begins to drain out of the ear canal. The yellowish liquid content may be smelly.

At this point, you will feel pain and uncomfortable in the ears. Those infected with swimmer’s ears may suffer some temporal hearing loss. The cause of this is the blockage of the ear canal. The nymph node increases which makes it uncomfortable to move the jaw.


Now, we are just about to discover how to get rid of swimmers ears, but a bit gotta talk about What are the actual cause of swimmers ears. See below.

Water exposure: The cause of Swimmer’s ear infection excessive water in the ear canal. This is due to exposure to some water sport such as swimming, surfing, diving, and kayaking.Anyone is susceptible to swimmers ear. It must not be necessarily swimming. Even you can contact it from constant showering.


When the skin lining of the outer ears or skin canal breaks, bacteria and fungi penetrate in the outer ears. The causes of this breakage maybe scratching or picking the ears with objects. It could be the use of devices such as earbuds, earphones or skin inflammatory infection.


Regardless of the cause, moisture and irritation may prolong the condition. You can prevent swimmers ears by avoiding water exposure. Your ears will definitely be exposed to water while bathing or swimming. But make sure you dry your ears immediately when you are out of the water.

Not only that, avoid swimming in pools with a high level of bacteria. Though it is quite difficult to tell whether a pool is dirty or not. But base on inquiry, you can ensure that a pool is well treated before use. To avoid water penetration into the ear canal, use eardrops to dry your ears.

During shower or while swimming, you can make use of earplugs. Though earplugs come in different designs so, use the one that will help dry your ears. You can get a custom-fit plug or retail swim plug to protect your ears. Most importantly, using a sharp object to remove waxes in your ears may cause damage. Some even use sharp objects in scratching itchy areas in the ear canal. You need to avoid all these kinds of acts. Instead, visit a healthcare to clean your ears if you need to do so.


Sometimes, the infection may not be so severe that is beyond what you can take care of by your self.There are several ways to get rid of swimmers ear. Some of them include:

Home Remedy


Swimmer's ear is usually not a serious infection to worry about in most cases. 
Without going to the hospitals, there are home remedies that can help clear 
swimmers ears.
  • White vinegar and alcohol

White vinegar relieves you of any pain or itchiness. Dilute white vinegar with a little water. Put a few drops into your ears especially the affected areas. You can mix vinegar with a little alcohol to recover quickly. Clean your ears with a bulb syringe. Then put few drops of alcohol only in the ears. Turn your heads in a circular motion to ensure every part is touched. Then tilt your head sideways to drip the liquid out of your ears. It will not only relieve you of the pain but also make the place dry.

  • Hot water heat

One of the most effective home remedies is hot water. It can relieve you of pains. Heat water on fire. Put the water in a container and place it close to your ears. Allow the heat to penetrate into the affected area. Alongside, dip a clean towel in the hot warm. Squeeze the water out and massage the outer part of the infected ear canal.

  • Garlic and olive oil

Garlic is an effective remedy for many health challenges both external and internal. Likewise, you can use it to treat swimmers ears. Grind some garlic and soak it in olive oil for like 10hours or so. After that, warm it up a little bit and put a few drops in your ears. It is a home remedy that has proved to be very effective.

  • Mineral oil

This can serve as a preventive measure and a cure. Before your body comes in contact with the pool, you can put a few drops in your ears. It will help reduce the vulnerability of your ears canal contracting bacterial. And of course, few drops can help relieve you of the pains and heaviness.

  • Hydrogen peroxide

It is a disinfectant and mild antiseptic that people use in preventing irritation. Likewise, people often use it in treating swimmers ears. Apply few drops like 4 drops into the infected ears. Leave it for like a minute to two minutes. Then tilt your head down sideways to drain it out. You will feel better.

As soon as you feel like you did cure it, you have to try and avoid other life drama. Avoid swimming or better still, swim with caution. And prevent your ears to avoid further complications.


Apart from the above in how to get rid of swimmers ears, The chronic swimmer’s ears may not respond to the home remedy. There are several medications that can be used in curing swimmers ears. Some of them include:

  • Antibiotics: There are several antibiotics that can be combined to treat swimmers ears. Some antibiotics can be applied topically on the surface of the infected area. It may not be possible for you to apply ear drops on the outer layer of your ears. Some are Cipro HC Otic, Neomycin Coly-Mycin S Otic etc.
  • Anti-Inflammatory medications: There are anti-inflammatory drugs that can help reduce inflammation.Some of them include hydrocortisone (Acetasol HC) or ciprofloxacin. One can use it as a combination with other antiseptics and antibiotics
  • Acidifying drugs: The outer ear infection cannot survive in an acidic environment. There are acidic pills one can use to treat swimmers ears. Some of them include salicylic acid, citric acid solution, and sulfuric acid.


For some people, swimming is a hobby and a way of life. Swimming especially bathing cannot be ruled out from daily activities. Home care for swimmer’s ear can be used to control pain temporarily.Thereafter you can call your doctor for an appointment. When necessary treatment begins, the pain may not last 2 days. And the infection will not last more than a week.The prognosis for swimmer’s ear is good. Last but not least, we will go for more in-depth talk about how to get rid of swimmers ears, Leave your comments below and let me know if you have something to add in this article as well just to know more about how to get rid of swimmers ears.

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