Top 5 Military Inventions Smart Gadgets

Top Five Military Inventions-smart Gadgets
Top Five Military Inventions-smart Gadgets

Let’s talk about Military Inventions Smart Gadgets. There is no doubt that in today’s digital age, people have no time to do things manually. People are always on a lookout for cool gadgets or their connectors and accessories such as a circular connector backshell. These gadgets can help them in different situations and make their lives easier. Whether you are a gadget lover or just looking for some cool ways to prepare yourself for survival situations, the following military-inspired tactical gadgets will surely impress you. Some of these gadgets will also come handy to make your day to day activities easier:

The Role of Technology

Technology is a critical factor in determining the outcome of the war. In any war encounter, the country equipped with the latest technology has an edge over the other. This is a historical truth that has held even in the oldest military conflicts.

The present focus is on the effect of the latest military technology in improving current security conditions.

Benefits of Military Gadgets

In today’s digital age, technology is serving humanity in many ways and without it, it can be quite difficult to perform certain tasks in an efficient manner. In recent years, technology has definitely transformed the way of performing various military tasks. In this article, we have covered some interesting military-themed gadgets that couldn’t be created without science, technology, and innovation.

Check out the top Military Inventions Smart Gadgets List

1. J5 Hyper V Tactical Flashlight

J5 Tactical is known for manufacturing some top quality flashlights and this model is probably one of their best ones so far. The J5 Hyper V tactical flashlight can brighten a space or focus on objects to a maximum of 800 feet ahead. There a total of three different focus modes of this light. This flashlight is waterproof and is made of aluminum alloy that can be dropped from a height without any damage. The torch is pocket-sized and lightweight and runs on AAA batteries.

  • The flashlight has three different modes
  • The flashlight can be mounted and is durable
  • It is lightweight and has a sleek aluminum alloy body
  • It has a strong thick clip 

The belt clip of the flashlight is very hard to remove

The only drawback of the torch is its belt clip that can be quite difficult to remove. All in all, this is a sleek, durable, and handy flashlight that is ideal for keeping in your backpack or travel bag.

2. Reebow Gear Military Tactical Backpack

The Reebow gear military tactical backpack is an ideal bag that can hold all those essential items needed to survive in the wilderness. This bag is made from a thick double-stitched fabric and is water-proof.

  • The bag has a maximum capacity of 40 L.
  • The backpack is sturdy and water-proof.
  • Due to its unique Molle webbing system, extra pouches can be attached to the bag.

• The zippers, straps, and buckles of the bag occasionally break apart.

The Reebow gear military tactical backpack looks like a normal everyday backpack and does not have the design of a typical tactical bag. It is extremely versatile and is perfect for travelers and campers.

3. Everstryke Pro Waterproof Lighter

This handy fire-starting tool is made from stainless steel, and can easily light up a fire in all extreme weather conditions. The best thing about this gadget is that it is water-resistant and won’t get wet. It comes with a Ferro rod and a wick and can easily fit in your backpack or pocket. It comes with a sturdy clip that can be used to attach your light to your backpack or other traveling gear. The lighter weight around 12 ounces and is travel-friendly.

  • The Ferro rods in the Everstryke Pro kit can give users up to fifteen thousand strikes.
  • The lighter has a durable stainless steel body
  • It is water-resistant

• It does not work very well during strong winds

The Everstryke Pro is probably the best waterproof lighters in the market. It is designed to give users all the benefits of a conventional lighter while being extremely useful and handy for outdoors.

4. vAv YAKEDA Outdoor CS Game Vest

The vAv YAKEDA is probably one of the best brands that are known for creating innovative products for outdoors. The vAv YAKEDA Outdoor CS Game Vest can be used for general as well as for military uses. This entire vest is from 900D nylon which makes it more durable and comfortable. The vest is adjustable and has 7 different sized pouches.

  • The vest is adjustable and lightweight.
  • It comes with a sturdy suspension belt.
  • The buckles of the vest are easy to use as it opens smoothly.

•The vest can become quite heavy when it is completely loaded especially for during longer trips

The use of a tactical vest is not for just military professionals anymore but it has now become a useful tool that can be used by all. A tactical vest is simply a collection of pouches where one can easily put his tools in a more organized and efficient way.

5. Membrane Solutions Straw Water Filter Survival Filtration

In case you are lost or hiking in the wilderness, this unique drinking straw will surely come in handy. Although, this looks like a normal drinking straw you have to place one end into a natural source of water. The water passes through four different purifying chambers that filter away all the impurities and bacteria present in the water. The straw is around 6 inches long and can give you up to 2000 L of pure drinking water.

  • It is travel-friendly and weighs around 9 ounces.
  • It does not require batteries or electricity to function.

• It is slightly expensive and you need to have a slightly big budget for this.

Membrane solutions straw water filter survival filtration is a compact and less expensive water purifying tool that can instantly kill bacteria and filter the water while hiking or camping.

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