Weird and Fascinating Things About Astrology You don’t know


Astrology helps us to delve into our life’s intense situations and lets us know the reason of events occurring to us. It has the answer all our unexplained questions like “Why am I in this situation” or “what is going to happen in my business next” or maybe “why am I failing”. Astrology is a soulful method and a spiritual tool to have an insight into events happening with clear wisdom. A Top Astrologer can help you out simultaneously.

Here is a list of some weird and fascinating Things about Astrology you don’t know.

Our Zodiac Sign is Relates to the Sun:


Wondering how our zodiac signs are determined? Then it might amaze you that the position and distance of Sun at the time of our birth determine our zodiac sign and this is the reason why zodiac signs are also known as “Sun Signs”.

Zodiac Sign Was Formerly Used for Farming:


Astonishing right? Yes, our astrology has infinite facts to leave you surprised. One such fact is that the zodiac signs were formerly used to determine the time to plant and sow the crops. The position and distance of constellations were used by farmers to undermine the time to harvest the crops.

Water, Fire, Earth, and Air- the Four Pillars of Zodiac Sign:


These 4 elements hold the most crucial position in our lives. Each element determines a certain set of traits in every individual. Zodiac signs are divided into four groups of these elements each comprising of 3 signs. Each element influences the personality of the individual.

Fire: the element of intensity and passion.  Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius fall under this category. These people are passionate to follow their instincts and work according to their gut feeling. Their enthusiasm and audacity behavior fills them with the energy to chase their passion with the utmost energy and they also compel the attention of the public quite easily.

Earth: people who are grounded. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn fall under this category. This sign is known as the builder of the zodiac as the people belonging to earth sign never mind to go the extra mile to attain something extraordinary. Earth’s sign ruling the people makes them too concrete and inflexible to changes. Although these people are practical and grounded, still their eyes are always on prize making them materialistic.

Air: people with abstract behavior. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius fall under this category. As the element suggests that air is free in the universe and doesn’t love to be bounded to any limitation. The same applies to the people belonging to this element. These people do not like to follow any regular order in their surroundings be it their office, workplace or any region they live in. They don’t worry about pleasing anybody and believe in following their own and liberating ideas to rule their life.

Water: People who are too emotional. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces fall under this category. Individuals dominated by water signs are generally too sensitive and emotional. They have the ability to deal with suffering and emotional stress. They also make the best advisors and emotional therapists who can hear people’s problems and give the best advice to deal with the trauma. For the love and feelings matter a lot.

 Some renowned Astrology Predictions of the Past:

Astrology is said to have given the perfect predictions of Hitler’s reign. Hitler was a believer in astrology who used astrological insights during World War II. After that, there is a list of presidents and other leaders who take account of astrology to take important decisions. The United Astrology Conference also made an astrological statement about Barack Obama’s win as a president in 2008.

Science + Arts= Astrology:

Astrology is a balanced amalgamation of science and arts used altogether to improvise the life of humans. The astrologer is always well-equipped and has knowledge of the tools and science related to astronomy. Referring back to the pages of history, astrology and astronomy were considered one and the same thing. It was believed as the science of observation.

Astrology is more of a combination of mythology, astronomy, and psychology which provides powerful wisdom to trace the events happening in an individual’s life. So astrology is not just science or arts but it is a soulful blend of science learned in the past with the art of determining events based on personal experiences.

More Women Believe in Astrology than Men:

Many surveys prove that women are keener in reading their horoscopes. They account for 75% of believers in astrological science. Due to the results and prevalence of astrology in society, it is quite difficult to not believe in astrology.

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