Top 6 Eco-friendly Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Top 6 Eco-friendly Kitchen Remodeling Tips


In this article we’re about to discuss 6 Top Kitchen Remodeling Tips that are Eco friendly. As the threat of global warming is increasing day by day, the governments and private agencies around the world are more focused on conserving the energy and producing eco-friendly products.

Movements are led by Non- Government organizations (NGOs) on pursuing the path of eco-friendly future. Even when it comes to remodeling your kitchen or home, it is imperative to eco-friendly material such as eco-friendly glenair connectors which are able to sustain and utilize fewer power sources than the usual ones.

Kitchen is the place in the home consuming most of the energy and remodeling the kitchen can be a tough job. If you are an environmentalist, you have to pay close attention to the energy used and consumed in that area of your house or you might end up wasting more then you are saving in terms of going green and eco-friendly environment.

Everyone is interested in designing an eco-friendly kitchen and hence wanna know Kitchen Remodeling Tips, right?. If you’re in the earlier stages of a kitchen renovation, consider these important suggestions where your selections make a big difference in terms of long-term sustainability.

So, here we are to help you with some of the most important Kitchen Remodeling Tips for the refurbishment of your kitchen:

Top 6 Kitchen Remodeling Tips Are:

  1. Use Recycled Material
Kitchen Remodeling Tips

It cannot be stressed more that you have to use recycled material in your kitchen. Examples can include installing a greywater system which recycles used water to be utilized in the outdoor space for either watering a plant or washing your car. The water is only used in the kitchen and not from the toilet.

You can also think about quartz slabs or recycled glass from used glass tiles. You should keep an eye on your home finding the stuff which can be redecorated or recycled. You can also make small recycle station in your kitchen collecting the material for later use.

2. Replace Granite Counter-tops

Kitchen Remodeling Tips

It is very important to keep recycled items in mind for your kitchen decor choices.Granite countertops are not only harmful to our environment as it’s not a renewable source and is old fashioned as well. These can be replaced by more greener and lighter supplies like quartz or Corian.

They have various plus points attached to it like they are durable and can last for a lifetime, any toxic chemicals are not used while installing them and they are almost maintenance free. Good news is that Corian countertops are six to twenty percentage made from recycled material which is quite remarkable.

3. Reduced Chemical Paint

Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Try to use paints with a minimum amount of chemicals. They are not only a bad sign for the air in your house, but it can also cause breathing problems or allergic reaction to you or your family members.

You should use materials free from volatile organic compounds present in paints and supplies used for painting. These substances emit toxic fumes into the air which becomes harmful for breathing and can cause numerous problems. It is pertinent that you inquire about the quality of paint before buying it.

4. Energy Saving Fixtures, Lightening, and appliances

Kitchen Remodeling Tips

If your kitchen is not remodeled for some time, there is a higher chance that you might be using lighting which is not energy efficient. The remodeling will give you a chance to use more eco-friendly options of lights which will be lesser on your utility bills and provide more shine to your place. Similarly. Choose the buy the appliances with energy efficient inverters.

Proper lighting in kitchen is crucial. Make sure to choose LEDs over traditional incandescents because LEDs are extremely energy efficient, available in a wide variety of colors and design, and they last typically 15-20 times longer than traditional lights (CFL, Halogen etc). Installing LEDs in your eco-friendly kitchen means it’ll be decades before you need to worry about bulb replacements. And you’ll be conserving valuable energy and saving on your utility bills.

They are used on lesser electricity and will be more useful for the environment. It is better to use top and bottom freezer/refrigerator units as they do not let the air escape easily. Check if your refrigerator slides easily if so, there is a chance that the cool air is absconding in the atmosphere. If that case, you should change the seal.

5. Natural Fabrics

Kitchen Remodeling Tips

If you are changing your dining table sheets and mats, use products which are hand made from cotton or wool. The syntactic material is made in the industry which emits chemicals and smoke into the environment causing harm to the mother earth. The handmade materials are always free of chemical and reliable. 

6. Shrink Use of Wood

Kitchen Remodeling Tips

While you are working in remodeling your kitchen, reduce the use of new wood to the least. As the increasing demand for wood has already compromised our environment by cutting down healthy trees which were shelter and source of fresh air for us.

The whole process results in global warming and deforestation. It is a better idea to use antique cabinets or salvaged wood. You will be a contributor to saving our green environment in this way by creating a vintage style to your kitchen. It will be unique and exquisite.


Kitchen remodeling is an exciting job especially when you get to see the results. Although, if you prefer to go eco-friendly, the real to ask is that complete remodeling of your kitchen is necessary or not? Making green choices for your renovation is not only good for you and your family but also for the environment.

Not only you will end up hundreds of dollars but you might also make the wrong choice in terms of the durability of the products used in the process. The question to ask here is do we need new eco-friendly appliances or green kitchen which might be harmful to the environment itself.

Maybe the best option is to remodel some aspects of the kitchen which are really obligatory to change. Going eco-friendly might seem a trivial thing but is a great contribution to saving our environment. Hopefully you liked and learn these Kitchen Remodeling Tips. Stay tuned.