Home Theater Systems With Wireless Speakers – Buying Guide & Price

Home Theater Systems With Wireless Speakers
Home Theater Systems With Wireless Speakers

Home Theater Systems With Wireless Speakers – Brief Intro

Let’s talk about Home Theater Systems With Wireless Speakers. Home theater systems are designed to deliver a phenomenal sound output turning your ordinary home into a cinema theatre. Nowadays home theatres come at an affordable price and no clumsy setup requires.

You can pair your handset, laptop or smart TV wirelessly to connect and enjoy the outstanding sound that delivers from the rear speaker and is able to sync wirelessly to the central unit. The process is relatively easy, however, if you’re looking for a wireless home theater system that can deliver up to 5.1 surround sound performance then choosing the best home theater systems with wireless speakers you need to have some kind of guide.

Now, the question is why you would buy a home theater with wireless speakers. This is due to avoid running wires through the entire room. Although you require a power source a wired one to directly connect with the wireless subwoofer.

How we choose Home Theater Systems With Wireless Speakers?

Home Theater Systems With Wireless Speakers
Home Theater Systems With Wireless Speakers

Through the eyes of an expert, we have compiled a list of things to ensure that you get the best audio experience with home theater system having wireless speakers that deliver optimal sound quality without throwing heaps of money into it. The right choice is here choosing from different connectivity options for every home theater system at home should be seamless through Bluetooth connectivity.

Basically, a wireless speaker has a transmitter that shoots out the required audio signals to the device having a wireless connection. However, the speaker has to be attached with a power source preferably an AC port.

The speakers have to be attached to some kind of batteries or an AC power source that allows the wireless speaker to output the required sound over a long duration of time. Similar to DTS Play-Fi, Denos HEOS and other home theater systems with wireless speakers offer the surround speaker solutions are licensed companies which are gaining popularity among masses.

While there are different home theater systems with wireless speakers in the market. There are a few things to consider. Like the term “Wireless” doesn’t mean perfect wireless it depends upon the layout of the power outlet. One or another the speakers have to attach with the sub-woofer in a wired way.

Just keep in mind the type of home theater you want so that you get the right kind of wireless speaker options.

Bluetooth is a prominent feature that introduced a while ago in home theaters. However, there is some limitation and we’ll let you know why? The best home theatre system that works on Bluetooth can only work 10-20 feet away from the TV or projector. This means that you will experience a degraded sound quality and that will be a total failure. If you’re spending money on home theater systems with wireless speakers then you want the best sound too. Some of us are audiophiles and for them, we have a simplified system of factors that you should be looking at when choosing home theater with wireless speakers.

First-of-all the power rating takes in the level of current and the distortion you come across those are PMPO and RMS. PMPO generally refers to the peak power capacity of amplifiers and speakers. The maximum loads it can offer under the instant perfect condition of an extended period of playback.

The RMS is just a rating and to calculate it has to find the average between how much the speaker can handle which is referred to as the level per channel or speaker. It’s good to know what this value means for an average user, however, all basic amplifiers ships with a minimum amount of power to drive the required power.

There is a significant change in voltage when you raise the volume bar, it is because the amp is not actually made to handle the impedance of the speaker so lowering the amp would increase the temperature and eats more energy.

Howsoever, when planning to buy a wireless home theatre the quality of the speakers should be according to your needs and it starts with 100$ to 1000$ bucks for top-notch speakers.

Wireless Home theatre systems are reliable offers a decent combination of speakers, subwoofers, and receivers in the end. This is a convenient package for them to enjoy the most cinematic experience at home. If you already own a TV, then you can consider looking at various things that will help you to choose the best wireless home theatre system in the market such as.

Surround sound speaker layouts

The speakers play an important role due to which it is recommended to get either 5.1 or 7.1 for your living room for cinematic effects. The sound output will be really high, a bigger system will look better and a wired connection will come easy for you. Also by choosing the type of audio system you want in particular the dimension of the room is also plays an important role.


When you wish to connect several devices to your wireless home theater systems such as TV, game consoles. The optical or coaxial audio inputs are very helpful that may allow limited or more input connection at a time.


What’s good about wireless home theater systems is that it can be installed and made to work out of the box. You get to see to ample of cables that you can use for later use.

This is due to a good rule of thumb that everybody follows particularly higher-end systems will have better sound quality but if you’re an avid audiophile then you can make a customized audio system choosing the appropriate component and devices you want to use.

These are some of the best things to consider when planning to invest in home theater systems with wireless speakers. The quality of a home theatre experience will be based on the cost-effectiveness so that you can get the product in a flexible budget with all needs fulfilled.

Our Top Picks

Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System – THX, Dolby Digital, and DTS Digital Certified

Home Theater Systems With Wireless Speakers
Home Theater Systems With Wireless Speakers

Logitech Z906 has a 10-inch audio driver with a subwoofer that offers big bass designed to convert normal sound into a distortion-free sound that helps you to get rid of dampened sound producing a high fidelity resonance.

It has a unique configuration with particular directing more bass impact. The driver material has the right speaker’s placements with enclosure constructions offering a clean and clear sound.

The stereo speakers are highly durable which have composite dynamic material making the deep experience with low frequencies and thrilling effects with superior blending systems. It also integrates the Dolby Digital and DTS that deliver optimal sound quality with surrounding effects.

If we talk about the connections that it uses than it gets the Speaker + Bluetooth audio adapter that assures you complete cinema sound. Bluetooth streaming from any wireless device is possible when you buy this product. The maximum range it adapted is 15 meter or 50 feet.

Now, the most favorite thing is that the product allows the Bluetooth connectivity for the multiple devices at the same time. You get to see a separate Bluetooth adapter which connects with the speakers to stream simultaneously with a smartphone, tablet or even a PC.

Logitech is a renowned brand and lasts longer. They are durable and offers a good sound output in all kind of things such as music, movies, games, etc. the booming sound is fine which enables a richer movie experience near to 350% amplification. The speaker position should be well-positioned before you try them on with your PC or things that you are more interested to try.

The speakers can be well organized because of their shape and size. It can easily fit into places having less space. The sound still has the best output no matter where you keep them.

The only thing that we believe the Logitech must have changed was the flimsy wiring. The wiring might need some change after a while the bass is flat in low volumes which are expected at this price range.

Overall, considering the price Logitech offering users, that’s guaranteed nothing can match these speakers.

Pioneer 5.1 Home Theater System HTP-074

We started looking around for wireless home theater with speakers a while ago and we come across this Pioneer 5.1 home theater system that has got a rich sound experience. Fortunately, it comes with a 5.1 AV receiver along with a compact speaker and a sub-woofer. It features a host of HDMI inputs and can pass through HDPC 2.2 that enables streaming from any compatible devices having Bluetooth in it.

It takes advantage of the highest quality of video mainly the 4k. Now, you can enjoy a lot of content and get an experience-rich premium content with it. The system speakers come integrated with the Dolby True sound and DTS HD that restores the output of any compressed media offering you the detailed sound output with less or no loss in quality. With built-in Bluetooth technology 3.0, it can easily stream videos and audios from multiple devices at the same time. Just that this sound system features an A2DP profile with support for SBC and AAC codecs. It lets you hear every detail the letting you into the plethora of high definition of entertainment right into your room.

Now, what we have like about so much the quality of the audio is appreciable while others say the same thing but the technology used in speakers are par that defines every detail left out from the compression process. Not just that big speakers means greater consumption of voltage. To minimize this the Pioneer brought up with ECO mode 1 that operates in an energy-saving mode without losing the quality of sound. The ECO mode features two Modes through which you can adjust the quality of output you want that manage to deliver the content with dynamic sound which can be accessed from the control panel.

Yamaha YHT-4930UBL 5.1-Channel Home Theater in a Box System with Bluetooth

Home Theater Systems With Wireless Speakers - Buying Guide & Price 1
Home Theater Systems With Wireless Speakers

Yamaha is a well-known brand and one of the best known for its instruments equipment. Yamaha YHT-4930UBL is a 51. Channel home theatre that combines the use of Bluetooth to stream audio from any Bluetooth devices. It has got the finest compressed music enhancer that ensures to deliver phenomenal sound and music when played wirelessly.

These 5.1 channels are good for watching movies that works similar to a virtual cinema hall allowing the speakers to produce a surrounding sound and extra bass that confirming a good sound balance. The sub-woofer used in the system is of good quality and offer good low-end bass. The speaker you see took shape of the resilient Yamaha grand piano that adds to your décor. The package consists of four channels which can be mounted on the wall as well. It has got a 100-watt power subwoofer with Advanced YST II technology that is clear and offers strong bass.

The sound is smooth and overwhelming that gets the job done. The midrange frequency is powerful enough to rock your ears. Also, you get to see a Yamaha powered 100-watt sub-woofer that comes with advanced YST II technology which has clear and strong bass. This is indeed a great device for people having multiple devices, as it comes for a great price with hassle-free setup and solid build you hardly find anything close to it in the market.

It also has lots of options to adjust the sound and the EQ of each speaker is now manually configurable. The audio receiving via Bluetooth comes with no surprise. Perhaps, the DSP effect we see is well balanced and from a low price point receiver, it’s easy to adjust the sound as per your need. The surprising thing is that Yamaha builds a good sound system without compromising on the customizing the sound quality works well as a home theater and last not the but boom sound which is nice for the price in which it’s offered.

Onkyo HT-S3900 5.2 Channel Home Theater Package

Home Theater Systems With Wireless Speakers
Home Theater Systems With Wireless Speakers

If you’re looking for an audio system (a Home Theater Systems With Wireless Speakers) that has AMP then, consider choosing the Home theatre system from Onkyo that delivers instantaneous current to the speaker system for better audio reception and offer you the best sound out of the box. It integrates surround sound at studio resolution making use of Dolby as well DTS HD providing enchanting sound and effects to your content. The authentic movie sound directs everything that needed to experience the best audio from a 5.1 home theater package.

The model HT-S3900 boasts 6 powerful speakers that fit in smaller rooms. A full feature driver projects the sound to every corner of the room. And, the sub-woofer thumping up with the groove creating a bass explosion. The speaker design is authentic and overwhelming. The home theatre supports audio format when plugged with a USB memory device. It integrates a powerful DSP listening program that further enhances the sound providing you top-notch clarity and audio effect at the same time.

Whether you’re playing games, watching movies or listening to live concerts the analog amplification is good enough to offer you the best surround sound without the loss of quality with a home theater systems with wireless speakers. Additionally, the home theatre package has Bluetooth connectivity that assists you to play audio/video files right from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Coming to installation it’s pretty easy to set up everything in minutes. Connection and setups are clearly mentioned over the guide with illustrated models to help you set up everything in a few minutes. Devices mostly Qualcomm based that has the aptX codec deliver lossless audio with minimal latency that enriches the audio listening experience in a much better way. The Advanced codec does its job that brings any audio life for great satisfying music experience. Most of the reviews say well about the Onkyo HT-S3900 5.2 Channel Home Theater Package which offers perfect sound for home. The reviews also suggest that the speakers are better than other companies that interact with the great bass.

Soundbar Wired Home Theater Speaker System

Home Theater Systems With Wireless Speakers
Home Theater Systems With Wireless Speakers

If you’re fond of soundbars then, ought to look at this Wohome TV Soundbar which has 4x 15-watt wireless speakers along with 2x 10-watt tweeters that makes it 80 watts in total allows you crystal clear sound ideal for TV shows, movies, and music. The wired and wireless options are good that includes a Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity up to 33 feet. The wire patterns include RCA/USB/coaxial and optical inputs. It also has a 3D surround sound system that is designed to amaze everyone right in front of it.

The 3D sound mechanism derived from the DSP technology will be a fantastic option if you’re looking for the best home theater systems with wireless speakers. Also, the setup is pretty fast. The button on the remote control has the convenient audio mechanism with volume adjustment that allows the users to play relevant media on different modes.

The speakers are relatively cheaper than other home theater systems with wireless speakers. However, the speakers are small in comparison to other home theatre system on our list. They let you hear every word clearly. In another way, it can be mounted on a wall or in a place near the cabinet.

With loads of options to choose from it does supports the old traditional TV’s RCA connection. Also, you get to see Bluetooth as an option to connect and play with your Smart TV and smartphone around.

If you think this thing sounds amazing. Yes! You’re right we have lots of experience in finding the best home theatre systems with wireless speakers and this is one of them.  The price does justice with the sound. More depth in the bass and 3D effects that’s what you expect from a home theatre system.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Home Theater Systems With Wireless Speakers

1. What is the role of speakers in a home theater package?

A standard one has 5 to 7 speakers depending upon what you choose. The center channel makes the sound to the picture and offers vocals with effects. The right and front speakers create an ambiance that works with the center channel which further reproduces the screen on action to the left and the right. Hence, you get to see a more realistic and immersive experience when sound moves from the left to the right speakers. It’s just similar to music too.

2. Do I need to buy separate speakers for listening to music in multiple rooms?

Unfortunately Yes. You’ll require different setups for multiple rooms. There are two ways to do that either integrate installing in wire connection. Perhaps, these wireless home theatre systems shown above are good for controlling via Bluetooth. No matter what you choose the only thing that remains is a separate setup for each room you have.

3. Can I use the above wireless speaker to get sound outdoors?

Yes, you can but these are built to play indoors. Or you need to buy some outdoor speaker that is specially designed to output great sound in open space.

4. How does it matter the placement of speakers in the home?

Yes, indeed you have to look closely to see where the placement of the speakers should be. A lot of times we hear about the loss of quality just because you did not pay much heed to the placement of the speakers in your room.

The best thing is to experience. Start assimilating the subwoofer near the wall perhaps, the corner and let the speakers come in front surrounding the wall that will boost the low frequency. The spot that sounds best to you its the ideal place to keep your home theatre system with wireless speakers. You have learned well about Home Theater Systems With Wireless Speakers, Stay tuned to get more info. In the meanwhile, you may wanna check our other post like Best Computer Gaming Desk